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Greenland is full of ice and Iceland is very nice! An Icelandic story

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Youth Intake

Some very interesting prospects here.


Sindre Krosshaug looks like a really exciting prospect as he's quite far along physically, standing 6'2" at just 16 years old.


Chen Zhiwei is a very interesting young winger!  He's got good pace and agility and can already dribble pretty well.  He can become a very useful player.


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September 2023

A blip against IBV but absolutely dominant in our final two!

Expected against the bottom side.

Unexpected dominance against the other promoted side!

We've won the league!


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dominant, absolutely smashing it! I was worried about your finances turning professional in third division but you seem to be doing just fine.

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4 hours ago, rodesire said:

dominant, absolutely smashing it! I was worried about your finances turning professional in third division but you seem to be doing just fine.

I'm still a bit worried - I may have pushed too soon but it allowed us to bring in talent and get promoted - we'll see what happens....  Either way, there's another off-season shuffle coming.

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End of Season Review

***Afrika Overall Best XI***


***Team Awards/Statistics***


***Afrika Squad***


Petur Hrafn Fridriksson, was a big reason for our winning promotion this season.  We deployed him as an advanced forward and he returned 10 goals and 2 assists in 22 league starts!


The other striker that we deployed for most of the year was Teitur Faero.  He definitely improved more and is more talented than Fridriksson but he was less productive.  He is still growing rapidly and is a fixture with the Faroese U21 side.


In the goal, Axel Asmundsson was a rock for us, starting 22 league matches and posting 15 shutouts, while allowing just 12 goals.


In the center of defense, our pairing of Lorik Konjuhi and Gleison were impenetrable!  Our strength was definitely in defense and these two were a massive reason for it!  These two can form the core of our defense for years to come!


At left back, Andre Christensen disappointed a bit with his production but he is certainly coming along on the training ground.  He did tally 3 assists in 22 starts but we'll be looking for more from him as we establish ourselves.


Finally, our inside forwards provided a bit of bite when our forwards weren't producting.  On the left, Marcus Hydahl and on the right, Soren Poulsen formed a great pair of wide attackers.  Hyldahl provided 3 goals and 9 assists, while Poulsen provided 4 goals and 1 assist in just 13 appearances!


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International Call-Ups!

Faero is looking for his first senior cap!

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Off-Season Transfer Dealings

First and foremost, all of our departures were contracts not renewed, we lost about 30 players.  We did bring in many players, as well, but not nearly 30!

Robert Aron Odinsson - Central Midfielder - Odinsson comes to us from Selfoss after his contract ran out.  His physical and mental attributes look excellent but technically, he can certainly improve.


Einar Thor Steinarsson - Central Midfielder - Steinarsson is another young, Icelandic central midfielder that we brought in to provide competition for places and depth in the center of the park.  He has good mental attributes for his position and decent physical ones.  The big disappointment is his passing of just a 6....


Reynir Gylfason - Central Attacking Midfielder - with our move to a 4-2-3-1 this season, we brought in a few options that could play in the center of our attacking midfield and Gylfason is definitely in competition for minutes.  He has decent physical, good mental and room for improvement in his technical skills.  He also has a nice bit of flair for the position!


Andri Fannar Baldursson - Central Midfielder - Probably our best signing of the off-season comes to us on a free after appearing 44 times for Icelandic top-division side Fylkir.  That experience, paired with great physical and technical skills for the level could change matches in our favor, especially since we'll likely be fighting to stay in the top division!


Jonatan Andersson - Central Midfielder - The first of a few Scandinavian additions comes to us from Gefle on a free.  He definitely can improve technically and will do so with some minutes in the top-flight.


Ilias Balidis - Right Attacking Midfielder - Balidis comes to us from Sundsvall and I was intrigued by his potential on the wing for us.  He already has good physical attributes and possesses good dribbling and decent crossing for our level, he'll make a useful wide player for us down the line.


Adrian Romero - Central Attacking Midfielder - This is the type of player that I dreamt about as my Advanced Playmaker - a young, South American with good physical abilities, great mentals, and very good technical abilities for his position.  My DoF slid his file across my desk and after a trial, I couldn't let him leave.  He is already a mainstay at the U20 level for Uruguay and maybe we can push him further!


Aron Ingi Thorvaldsson - Attacking Midfielder - This was our first foray of the year into the loan market and with good effect!  Thorvaldsson can play in any position across the attacking midfield, in the center of the park, or at the tip of the attack.  He'll be a nice addition for us!


Valur Atlason - Attacking Midfielder - Another loanee that can play in multiple positions in the attacking midfield.  There seems to be quite a lack of outside attacking midfielders available to me, so we have to shoehorn somebody....


Victor Enggaard - Left Back - On first glance at his technical skills, it's a wonder why we signed Enggaard but glancing to his physical abilities, he is the paciest player on our team with great agility and great acceleration to go along!  He can progress well with us.


Mikkel Karoliussen - Right Back - the pairing for Enggaard is a very a defensively-advanced fullback with good mental abilities and good physical abilities!  He will plug straight into the lineup.


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First Cap!

Teitur Faero has received his first senior cap for the Faroe Islands!


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Pre-Season 2024

What a great pre-season!  We've beat some pretty strong competition and even advanced to the semi-final of the League Cup, topping our group and knocking out Pepsi Max deild karla side FH 3-0 before falling to runners-up Fjolnir.




***Title odds***

It's not great but I'm optimistic.

***Afrika Squad***


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Youth Intake Preview

We have an Ecuadorian coming in....

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May/June 2024

Oh, what a start to life in the Icelandic Premier Division!

We are starting to sell out every home match but we simply don't have the finances to improve our stadium.  We really couldn't have asked for a better start to our maiden season.  Honestly, we've been controlling most of the matches, too!

Stjarnan are a class side and we held them to 0 shots....

Naturally, we're second place.  Fjolnir have a game in hand and Valur have 3.

***Afrika Players of the Months***

Our talisman has been Adrian Romero, who is averaging 7.29 this season and in 16 starts has 4 goals and 6 assists!


Andri Fannar Baldursson has also been electric for us, averaging 7.47 in 6 league starts!


Finally, loanee Aron Ingi Thorvaldsson has been a huge part of our success, as well, averaging 7.0 in 8 league starts with 3 goals.


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Youth Intake


Just the one good talent.


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July/August 2024

Well, our form is beginning to falter.  This match sums it up.

1 shot on goal, 1 goal - a draw.

We're starting to drop down the table.


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Player Sale

Not a sale that I really wanted to make, given our push for European football but Gleison had his heart set on moving, so we accepted.

Hopefully he'll give a good account of the club with his new challenge in the Danish Superliga.

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End of Season Wrap-Up

When we were winning, we won big.


Honestly, I'm thrilled to have finished fifth - it could have been better but could have been so much worse, as well.

***Individual Awards***








***Overall Best XI/Team Awards Night/Stats***


We led the league in goals scored, best average possession and best passing accuracy!






***The Squad***


Lorik Konjuhi enjoyed a fine season and became the defensive leader after Gleison was sold.


Baldursson was our link between defense and attack, creating numerous attacking sequences.  He was just stellar.


Aron Ingi Thorvaldsson was also massive for us, playing on the left wing and creating danger often.  He scored 7 goals, assisted 3 times and averaged 7.12 in 19 league starts.


Finally, the key reasons that our attack was so potent was the growing relationship between Adrian Romero and Teitur Faero(who developed MAGNIFICENTLY this season).  Romero teed up 14 assists, while scoring 5 goals across all competitions and Faero scored 15 goals.



What a season!

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Great save ! So are they playing with young players from poland in real life or what is the link ?

I always thought that they had African youth but that is a team called Oslo ?

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6 hours ago, OlivierL said:

Great save ! So are they playing with young players from poland in real life or what is the link ?

I always thought that they had African youth but that is a team called Oslo ?

I appreciate the kind words!  :D   To be completely honest, I'm not entirely sure what the link is and haven't been able to find very much information on the club in my limited internet research.  I'm really just enjoying it and whatever happens, happens.  It's kind of nice to play with few restrictions(really just signing players 23 and under) - of course, I try to emphasize Icelandic players and I want to bring players through from my academy, so maybe Polish too, but I really can sign any nationality that I want.

I'll try to find more information about the club!  Thanks for reading along :D - I've enjoyed your Paris FC save greatly, too - although I'm not so great with integrating Excel and FM and also not great with trying to create the perfect personality - oh well!

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Financially, times are very tough at the club - we have reached about €2M in the red.  At our level, sponsorship money is nearly non-existant and prize money for finishing fifth in the league last season was roughly €5.5K.  

So, unsurprisingly, this happened.


And this


So, our finances are now in great shape.

We'll need to reach Europe in the next few years to reach a level of sustainable growth but with nearly €6M in the bank, we should be fine for at least 4-6 seasons spending at the level that we're spending at.

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Off-Season Transfers

We had no outbound transfers, simply contracts that we didn't renew.  Here is a list of our incoming players!

Valur Atlason - Attacking Midfielder - a familiar name, we brought him back on a free after loaning him last season from IA.


Vuk Oskar Dimitrijevic - Attacking Midfielder/Central Midfielder/Striker - A real spark plug that can play anywhere in the front half of the field.  We'll rely on him as our left attacking midfielder.


Slobodan Djordjevic - Attacking Midfielder - our first purchase of Stansson's tenure, we shelled out €6K for this young man who has all the makings of our future Central Attacking Midfielder when Romero moves on!


Ardit Rama - Center Back - Our first non-Icelandic signing of the season is a good one.  He'll slot straight into the spot that Gleison vacated last season.


We did sign a few other youngsters that aren't yet first team ready but we've kept the core of our team largely the same.

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Youth Intake Preview


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Pre-Season 2025

A good pre-season, although I was disappointed to lose in the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

We finished second in a pretty easy group.

We were good value, we just conceded too easily.

Pre-Season Odds

Looking decent!

Finally, I went on a transfer spree, signing SIX loan players.

First off, Ercan Aydogdu, a Turkish right back comes to us from Werder Bremen.


Ajdin Lugonja, a Bosnian left attacking midfielder comes to us match-ready and at a good level for our division.


Barnett Paul, an Australian 'keeper, comes to us from BVB.  I'll likely rotate him and Asmudsson in goal.


Sefa Yucel is a defensively-sound Turkish left back that joins us from Borussia Monchengladbach.  He'll be a good addition to first team squad.


Hans Wolze is a German left back that will provide cover there and at center back for us.  He joins us from Werder Bremen, as well.


Finally, Jakub Zak, a midfielder/attacking midfielder/striker joins us from Hertha Berlin.  He'll likely rotate in at all three positions and get plenty of game time for us.


Since we can only include four loan players in our matchday squad, our squad will change quite a bit on a game-by-game basis.  Here's how we'll line up for our first match!


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May/June 2025

A pretty good two month span but really should have done better against HK, Vikingur, and Fjolnir as we dominated all three matches.  Overall, We're in a good position.  We have also reached the quarterfinals of the league cup.

We are doing well in 5th, just 1 point out of the European spots.  HK are the surprise of the season thus far, being projected to battle against relegation they're firmly atop the table.


We've signed a couple of players on free transfers, including one non-EU player, which will occupy the 2nd of our 3 non-EU roster spots.

Jeannot Abelinti is a French Guiana international, with a second Nationality of French(which means he won't occupy a non-EU roster spot!), who comes to us after his contract with Rennes expired.  He'll slot straight in somewhere across our attacking midfield.


Salem Ziad was an itriguing prospect who was spotted by my chief scout at the AFC U23 Asian Cup Qualifiers.  He comes to us from Jordanian Club, Shabab Ordon and will be retrained as a right back.


***Players of the two months***

Reigning Icelandic player of the year, Andri Fannar Baldursson continues his fine form in the center of our midfield, averaging 7.25 rating, notching 2 assists, completing 84% of his passes, and winning 93% of his tackles.


Ajdin Lugonja, our loanee left attacking midfielder has been stellar for us this season, averaging 7.03 and scoring 2 goals with 2 assists in 6 matches before suffering an injury that will keep him on the shelf for 3 to 6 more weeks.


Adrian Romero, our creative linchpin has been forced to play all over the place this season due to injuries, suspensions, and international breaks.  He has still managed 4 goals and 4 assists across all competitions while averaging 7.23.


Mikkel Peersen is on-loan at Finnsnes IL in Norway and has performed admirably while developing nicely.


Chen Zhiwei, the talisman of our academy, is continuing his development on-loan at fourth-division side, Tindastoll.  He is averaging 7.19 and has scored 2 goals, while providing 5 assists in 9 league matches.  I'm very excited to see how far he can go!


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U19s Update

Our U19 side have only just gone and got themselves promoted to the top flight!  Our youth development is beginning to come along!


***Starlets of the Season***

Sindre Krosshaug was the star of the show for our U19 side.  His development is coming on nicely.  Krosshaug scored 10 goals in 13 appearances and averaged 7.47.


Petur Vilhjalmsson pulled the strings from the middle of the pitch.  He provided 8 assists and a 7.34 rating over 13 matches.


Grzegorz Lenart contributed 4 goals and 1 assist from the right wing while averaging 7.0.


Mario Perrotta was our creative #10, providing 3 goals and 1 assist while averaging 7.03.



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One Item of Note

I forgot to mention last year, that by virtue of winning the league cup, third-division side, Ungmennafelagid Leiknir had qualified for the Euro Cup II.  

They nearly advanced in the competition, too!


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Youth Intake

And a pretty decent one it is!

Zbigniew Pyciak - Striker - This young man is already fairly developed physically and mentally and has good first touch, decent dribbling, decent finishing, good passing and fair technique.  On top of that, he's got a F. Pro personality, which, from what I gather, is pretty decent.


Kamil Letniowski - Left-sided player -  Letniowski looks to be a future left back or left inside forward.  He already has good pace, acceleration, and agility as well as great natural fitness.


Ryohei Saeki - Striker - Saeki is another striker who looks to be technically proficient and he'll definitely improve over time.


Dawid Bachleda - Attacking Midfielder - I'm actually quite excited about Bachleda, his mental attributes are very advanced for his age - I just wish that he had a bit more flair and composure(I can live with the lack of anticipation and positioning).  He should be a strong prospect for us in the future.


Pawel Bujnowski - Striker - Another striker???? I think not!  I actually love that he possesses a good bit of flair, pace  and acceleration.  He is already semi-adept on the left wing and I can see him orchestrating the attack as a wide playmaker.


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July/August 2025

Well, that was eventful!  We've won the league cup and gained a spot in the Euro Cup II!  At the end of the month, we outplayed both Vikingur O. and Valur and left with just 2 points between them.


We sit top of the table, 5 points clear but nearly everybody have a game in hand... if we could've held off Valur, we'd be sitting VERY pretty.

***International Call-Ups***


Asmundsson has been capped already but only at the U19 level, so he's looking to make the step up to U21 regular.  Djordjevic, however, has not been capped at any level but has had a stellar season, usurping Romero as our regular #10.

***Afrika Players of the Months***

Slobodan Djordjevic has been a terror for opposing defenses and has an average rating of 7.19, 3 goals, and 3 assists this season!


Teitur Faero has been heating up over the past few months and has been a regular for country as well.


Andri Fannar Baldursson continues to be the engine room of our squad.  He currently has 1 goal, 3 assists and a 7.56 average rating.


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Andri Fannar Baldursson 

Our talisman and the man who will likely win back-to-back Icelandic player of the year awards is taking his services to Denmark to play for Aarhus Gymnastik Forening(AGF) in the Superliga....  I have entrusted my DoF to renew contracts and he let this one sit - I then saw the notification that a contract had been offered and I scrambled to offer him one, myself.  In the end, he chose to go to Denmark and we'll see nothing for it.... :seagull:

I can't really fault him, he's currently on €48k per year here and we'd never be able to match €137k.

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We've done it with a match to spare!


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End of Season Review

***Afrika Overall Best XI***


***Season Review***


***End of Season Awards/Statistics***





Axel Asmundsson - GK - Asmundsson had a very good season for us, starting all 22 league matches, posting 8 shutouts and just allowing 18 goals.


Salem Ziad - Right Back - Ziad initially struggled a little bit after joining us but found his form as the year went on and as he grew more comfortable in the right back role, which was completely new to him.  He wound up posting a 7.18 average rating with 2 goals and 4 assists in 13 league appearances.


Another new center back pairing with our stalwart Lorik Konhuhi and our new boy Ardit Rama.  They performed admirably, averaging 7.05 each.


Our Central Midfield pairing of Jonatan Andersson and Baldursson produced in a big way.  Andersson broke out with a 7.09 average rating and Baldursson with a 7.59 average rating, 3 goals, and 7 assists.


Slobodan Djordjevic - Central Attacking Midfielder - Our breakout start made Romero obsolete this season with a 7.28 average rating with 4 goals and 4 assists in 19 league matches.


Teitur Faero - Striker - in his third season with us, Faero again produced the goods, averaging 7.18 with 10 goals and 2 assists in 15 league matches.


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New Stadium


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National Team Call-Ups

Salem Ziad is looking for his first cap!


Interesting, all of these young men are looking for their first caps at any level.


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A new opportunity arises

Having been with his club for such a long time, becoming a club legend, and winning the Icelandic top flight, Stansson has decided that it is time for a new challenge.

Wolf is said to be relishing the opportunity to lead the national team to glory.

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Player Sale!

Well, we've moved our academy product Pawel Bujnowski off to Hull of the Championship.  The fee could eventually rise to €115,000.  This is exactly the type of thing that I'd like to see from our club - bring in youth players and sell them on for profits!


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Off-Season Transfer Dealings

Another eventful off-season, as our wage budget has been increased to around €2.5M.  We didn't sell anybody except the above-mentioned Bujnowski but we did release quite a few players after their contracts ran their course.

Gunnar Thorhallsson - Goalkeeper - We brought in Thorhallsson on a free transfer from IBV.  Asmundsson would not re-up his contract with us so we were forced to seek a replacement and that we did, to great effect!


Jetmir Ameti - Center Midfielder - Ameti is an Albanian-German who comes to us after his contract from Hertha Berlin expired.  He'll slot straight into the midfield.


Maik Amedick - Central Midfielder - Amedick joins us after 101 appearances for BVB's second team.  He'll instantly become one of the better players in the league and partner Ameti.


Edmar - Left Back - Edmar fills arguably our biggest hole, left back, which has been a revolving door.  His physical and mental skills are solid and he can improved going forward.  I'm excited for this signing.


Hassan Saad - Central Defender - The Bahrain first-choice center back comes to us from Bahrainian club Najma.  We smashed our transfer record and paid €275K for him.


Jakob Franz Palsson - Right back/Central defender - Palsson is a player that we just couldn't pass up after my DoF brought him to my attention - he is extremely versatile and can provide cover in multiple positions.


Dieter Vanhees - Striker - Vanhees comes to us fresh off of making 39 appearances in the Belgian top flight.  He is not quite as good as Faero but will provide depth and cover with our upcoming European fixtures falling right in the middle of our league schedule.


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