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    Whenever I go to play with a few of my mates I can't because I get an Application Error. Even when my mates invite me to a game the same error comes up and the game quits. I've tried most things on the forums and none of them work. The only odd thing is that the path on the error goes C:\Users\[username]\SportsInteractive\Football Manager 2020\Gamepass\crashdumps\ and then the file with the error. I don't know if me not having gamepass is an issue even though i bought the game on sale. Error Football Manager 2020.pdf I haven't made a save game yet so that can't be the issue, as well as my in-game date since it occurs in the menus. I also haven't used the in-game or pre-game editor nor do i have any custom files. The game is completely vanilla. 

Someone please help :)

Thank you

FM 2020 v20.4.1.1373994 (2020.07.10 21.30.15).dmp

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Can I just double check, are you playing the main version of the game but the crash dumps are being generated in the Gamepass location? Or have I misread that?

And can I get you to attach your system dxdiag file, please:


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