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FM20 Touch (iOS iPad) unlockables not working

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I`ve been managing same team from the beginning (Burton Albion) and unlocked next through my progress:

-no loan restrictions

-no transfer window

-no sacking

-national teams

-no work permits

-foreign influx

-And latest ”attribute masking”, here are screen pic for prove (attached)


now only ”national teams” are only left in my wallet (attached screen shot pic). 
I just unlocked attribute masking, but still don’t see it on my wallet. Been using no work permits in game for tuo season and now transfer window is open, so I test it that is it still ”active” even it’s not seen in my wallet. 

but wtf SI and SEGA teams, customer first buy your game (21€) and after that some people buy unlockables (I didn’t, earned them through playing) and after time they just disappear?? Thats little bit ****** way to increase revenue from games!!! I want my unlockables back and from what I found out from this Forum, the same issue performed with other players as well and your response is just ”send your safe game file to us”??? Come on, its 2020 and lot using Mobile devices nowadays and cloud services. I dont even owe computer anymore, but using cross sync ofcourse. 

I want my unlockables back!!!!




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I have a similar problem. I have lost unlocked items:

- unlimited scouting;

- design a son.

I'm a managed my club 10 years.

Additionally, after my player played 10 seasons and retired from my club, I didn't get the option Son generated.

What is the difference between Son generated and Design a son?

I have iPad 7 gen., iOS 14.

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I have the same problem. Unlocked design A son, but that does not work. When i press the link, I am still Asker to pay NOK 44.

was connected to the internet when it was unlocked. 

ipad pro 2020, iOS 14.0.1



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On 21/07/2020 at 13:09, Harrison Modeste said:


Sorry for the delayed response.

When you achieved each unlockable, was you connected to the internet? 



Have you found a solution?

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