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how would you build a squad around a Trequartista?

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39 minutes ago, 04texag said:

What position on the field are you looking to play him? Any Tactics preference or anything?

up top, no tactical preference

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I got 59 goals and 19 assists from 59 games in a season out of Messi as a Trequartista, I had lots of quality around him in more hardworking/movement roles, so partnered him with a complete forward on support and then had an AMC and Shadow striker behind with the width coming from the wingbacks. 

Also has the 'stay wider' extra PI

Seemed to work pretty well, he basically just floated around doing his things, dropping into space or running at people from wide, or often playing as like a poacher on the last man. 

Messi though still has decent physicals, so you need to make sure he has people with pace around him to make the runs off him and use his creatvity/vision. 

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