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Suggestion : Defensive Line and Mentality

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Defensive Line

I think The current Defensive line setting is good but it should be improved. It should be come as Training Module like Attacking Patient etc. High Defensive Line, Lower defensive Line with all kinds. Its not that easy in real life to change one to another. Teams prepare before for the changes and still some times we see players unable to adjust for it. 

So i suggest a Match Preparation module in Def shape with asking Different D Lines to train before match and a Main module of Training with D Line setting to train the team for the season

Mentality :

I think Mentality should be allowed to train as a whole Club structure than in tactical shape like now. We can call it as Club identity than tactical condition. Manager attacking can be also seen as Manager Idenity a Higher atttacking manager will have higher mentality where as lower manager will have balanced or Cautious mentality. 

In basic of training we will be asked what sort of mentality we want to train the players with and this reflects the entire club (First team/ Reserves/ U23/ B team/ U19/ U18). To change the mentality at any time we need to train it first. how many mentalities can be trained is another question that can be discussed.

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