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In addition to another post i saw regarding online play that @Ruberker made, which were absolutely spot on.

I'd also like to request a couple things.

Remove the Force Continue Idle timer and bring back the old force continue timer, where a host could select what % of players needs to continue before a timer starts. IE. 4 players, when 75% have continued a 1min timer starts.
The current force timers/stop timers are pretty useless and I struggle to understand how they were considered a better option than the old way.

Also to bring back the 'server' type system, so if I as host arent going to be online for a session i can run the server and the others can join and continue, without having to co-ordinate it so that I can holiday.
Currently if I load the save early, i would have to wait for a member to join so i can holiday, or the game would progress without everyone. 


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