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Position Suitability and Player Ratings

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Have a couple questions you guys might be able to answer.

First is that, while I often play in lower leagues, I tend to experiment with the more... "advanced" roles. Things like enganche, regista, false 9, etc. These never get beyond the level of "ineffectual" in terms of position suitability, and I often end up abandoning them out of some compulsion not to see that on my screen, even if it might be a very advantageous role to have on the pitch. How exactly is this "suitability" calculated? In some testing sessions I raised all their core abilities to 18 or so, and they still remained at this rating. What is the deal with these roles?

Take for instance this regista:


In actuality, he's a mediocre player for the division, yes. Most core stats are about 8, yet he has an average form of about 8.5, frequently netting anywhere between 5-10 key passes per game. PoM 2 of the last 5 games, and the fans are in love. He's playing the role properly enough it seems, so I don't necessarily understand why the game deems him as a total incompetent in this regard. One would think he'd be at the very least "competent".

The other thing is the star ratings. I don't remember in FM19 that form would blow these out of proportion. Most of the players in this roster are 2 to 2.5 star outside the CD's, the target man, and one volante, but the form has most of them sitting at well beyond their actual level. What effect does this actually have, other than to mess with your personal perspective on things? Other clubs don't seem to be particularly interested in the majority of these players, other than the ones who actually have a relatively high potential ability. The other clubs know. I know. Who is telling me these are star players with massive ability who have improved by leaps and bounds (when they have not), and why? If you mess with my perspective, mess with the other clubs too. I want to sell some of these schlubs for big bucks.

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much longer reply than I was hoping and maybe the experts can correct me but this is how I see it currently (FM20)

Player role suitability rating (the green ring) - Is what your staff think how suitable the player is for that role based on their attributes. For example if they haven’t got high enough Attributes for the Key (Highlighted) and Supporting Attributes they will have low suitability rating. Andddd it seems to be static for some reason? You can be training them for that role for weeks and it will stay the same. Broken? Maybe. However low suitability doesn’t mean he won’t play well overall, what is critical and more important is his Position rating, is he Natural? Accomplished? etc? Also PPMs/Player traits can make them play better or worse, depending whether they are suitable for their position/role and your teams tactic or conflicting/unsuitable.

Star ratings - They are very up and down indeed, form is a big factor and recent ability changes. I don’t even have the star ratings in my squad view atm as they aren’t purely just CA and PA - at least until I find a more logical way of having them in my custom squad view 

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A player's suitability for a specific role will increase if that player has their key attributes (for that role) improve. So a DC with poor passing will see his suitability for 'Ball-Playing Defender' improve if his Passing (and Vision) go up. 

Personally, I'd view it as a guide. If you really want someone to be a Raumdeuter, go for it. At the lower levels, every player is rubbish anyway, so what difference does it make if he's a rubbish Raumdeuter or a rubbish Inside Forward.

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