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Urotsukidoji- 4-1-2-1-2 Big team, Small Team Tony Mowbray Style

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Hi this is the tactic ive been using for fm20. It is a 4-1-2-1-2. 






Its has won me the championship with an edited blackburn, and in my first season in the epl I finished 3rd and qualified for ECL. Although it is an edited team, these players are not fully developed.


As you can see I drew quite a few games but lost less than Liverpool. This is because this tactic can get results against the big teams even away



Tactical Description.

CB play as your normal bpds. and pass the ball across def and to the dlp

WB I wanted my WBs to attack in this formation but I didn't want them to be caught out. So I play wb in the fb position on support. I also got them scoring by crossing less, dribbling less and shooting more. It is a good idea to have two footed wb so they can cut inside and score.

HB This Guy is basically a 3rd cb who carries the ball out of defence and links with midfield. This allows my wb forward.

DLP This guy is the heart of the team, he is on more direct passing, and you will find him spraying balls to the wb and forwards.

Mez. This guy is just to hold position. I chose mezalla because I wanted a little bit more width. But basically he is there to offer an outlet and to stand on the opponents toes.

Amc. Im playing with an attacking midfielder because if I play 3 strikers the middle one gets lost. I have two players in this position with come deep to get ball trait, yet I tell them to attack. this works perfect.

DLF. The ignored man of the team. This guy is to play a little deeper, He often breaks down opposition play and I score.

AF The goalscorer. Although this tactic isn't heavily dependent on the strikers scoring, my main strikers scored 21 goals in 25 games

This tactic is slightly direct, plays up the middle, and you will get lots of highlights.



This isn't a sim tactic. I have played with this tactic myself. That means I have decided when to use shouts, when to use subs, etc. This means I have lost points to human error and gained them to.

Assistant manager does team talks, team instructions and I do my own opposition instructions which are none.

The setpieces are from one of knaps tactics




I have made some tweaks to the tactic as I was drawing too many and had a bad start.

I made the tactic wider to break teams down. This has resulted in more goals

I unticked work ball into box. Now I have like 30 shots a game, 15 on target and one game I got 9 clear chances.

I made the tactic faster, to exploit me being the stronger team in most games, and wanting to get it to my forwards.

I made the defence wider because I was letting in goals from crosses, now my wbs tackle better before the crosses come in

RESULTS Using this tactic. My first game using this tactic was Arsenal at Home.


This is a really strong tactic. Once you get familiar with it you will bang them in. Good Luck.










Urotsukidoji 41212.fmf

Edited by Urotsukidoji
uploaded wrong tactic, conceded too many corners. fixed now.
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not when creating the tactic, but when im using it in my saves, i use encourage when needing a late goal, and the usual get creative and demand more

No OI ass man does team instructions

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Played City, Southampton and Norwich for half a season. City 4th, Norwich and Southampton 9th and 11th. 

Either won or lost with the smaller sides (6-3-7 and 7-2-7 were their records), City probably just didnt suit the players they had (as no wingers or IF)

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