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Award names missing in game (Strange error - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't...)

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As per pic below, names of some awards (I notice team of the week in particular but seems to apply to some other awards too) are missing in-game, but present in the editor.

I haven't editted any of these awards. However I have editted some of the leagues (including league names) that they link to. And my changes are built on top of Messi's lower league file which obviously itself added a huge amount of changes, including creation of the lower league awards.

The issue is that the names of the awards don't show (the awards themselves DO function correctly). eg I wll get a news item for "Lancaster City player named in ." The inbox item will correctly show the pitch with players of the week. But the title of the award is missing. Some drop down menus for past award winners also omit the name of the award. (See pic below) Everything looks good in the database.

I'm only loading one English leagues file, but am loading a good 20 or so other database files. I don't think any do anything with the english league/competitions/awards though. Some might move players about from english leagues, but that's it.

Is this caused by a db clash?

Screenshot (159).png

Screenshot (160).png

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UPDATE: Checked Messi's original file. And tried reloading it alongside all my other additional DB files too. All awards work fine there. INTERESTINGLY though in Mesi's file the awards all use the short names eg "Team of the Week" whereas in mine they use the long name "Northern Premier League Team of the Week". What can I possibly have changed in the editor to have made this change?

(It's not the skin - using same skin with both.)

Both versions of the file have long names and short names set identically in the database. 

Completely stumped. Help!


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Have you had an file that when loaded shows the awards names correct?

In that case, you could try out renaming the files, so they are loaded in a certain order.

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