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Bad Board Transfer Reactions for decisions made by the board

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So my board has decided to to give the lowest rating to 2 transfers that were made... by them! See in the picture.

The transfer In was a player that was bought by the new president as a campaign promise.

The transfer Out was a take over from the board setting the offer to good to turn down.

The transfer In can be an E if they think that they made a mistake but should at least say that the manager was not at fault.

The transfer Out should be an A. If they don't see the transfer as that good, why did they take over the offer?


Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 17.50.02.png

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I do not have the save from the beginning - sorry.

But funny enough, for the player that was bought by the president, the rating is now C+.

I assume that the performances impact the rating? The player was playing the beginning go the season but not anymore.


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