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for the last few months, if you post a link to a Twitch clip, it doesn't embed correctly and you just get the link being displayed instead - for example in this post:

when you put the URL into a post, you get the following message:


it's not been an issue on other forums i've used, and other video links (e.g. Twitch highlights, Youtube videos) seem to work fine so it seems to be an issue specifically affecting this forum and videos from clips.twitch.tv.

is it possible for someone to look into this? would make it much better sharing bits and pieces from any streams I or anyone else does!

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this is still an issue - is anyone looking into it at all?  if no-one's going to then fine, but would be good to know at least.

it seems to affect anything Twitch related now btw, whether it's clips, videos or streams themselves, only way to use them is via a standard link as they can't embed due to an error.

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