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Hi there! I have a crazy idea because of this tweet to make a closely database for the years between 1890-1910. I'm starting in South America (because i'm from there, and it is easy for me to search info) with these project.

I already finished Uruguay, and i'm making Argentina right now. I also made the River Plate cups (the most prestigious at the time in South America) and i'm looking forward to make Brazil and Chile next, and finish all the countries in South America.

I hope you like this and maybe (why not?) help me with the countries you want/like to make. And last, i'm leaving some pics of the database that i already made and also the Uruguayan db with the River Plate Cups (and also the Argentinian league as i have in this moment to make it more playable)


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  • Wolf_pd changed the title to [WIP] [FM20] 1890-1910 FM Database!

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