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Hey there,

I set up my manager avatar to have blonde hair. Looks fine in the manager profile setup screen and with the generated face on the various non-match screens. (See pic below - i'm in the right in brown suit and should have blonde hair.)

However in-match the 3d manager version of me always shows with dark brown/black hair. (See in-match pic below.)

I've tried creating several different profiles with diff suit/shirt colours to no avail - the blonde hair I set is always changed by the game in-match to brown/black. It doesn't matter which club I manage. 

Having checked other real life managers, Klopp etc, wih blonde hair, they ARE showing correctly. Is the game trying to tell me I'd be a better manager if I dyed my hair? If you could have a look i'd be grateful.

Have tried clearing cache.

File uploaded - "My hair is blonde! Or should be..."

Thanks so much.

Screenshot (112).png

Screenshot (113).png

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Just buy FMRTE, you change the hair colour with that, very weird that the Official FM didn't have this option, same like the Club Vision who has a bug since the beginning of FM20

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