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In All The Countries In All The World....

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Well not quite all the World. 

The World according to FM.

I've itching for a new save. My season on the Joint Save has made me realise how much I miss managing in other Countries having been stuck in London for the duration of FM 2020 so far.

My plan is simple. Thanks to a very handy spreadsheet provided by @Makoto Nakamura I have split the Out of Box Countries into 7 different tiers.


These Tier's are in order of the Top Division reputation. I think there are some shocks there. Brazil being so high, Scotland being so low and Canada actually making the 2nd Tier.

The save is simple. I cannot progress to the next Tier until the previous one is completed. 

But how do I complete a Tier I hear you all crying out.

I must win any League and any Cup, as long as the board give me an expectation for it. Basically this means once I make it to England and took over at say Chelsea the board might not care about the Carabao Cup (I mean who does). Therefore if I won the Carabao Cup with Chelsea it wouldn't count. It also means I don't need to win the Top Division I just need to win any League. Any potential playoffs do not count as winning either a league or a cup. Any Super Cup does not count. If I move teams halfway through a season and win the Cup I will have had to play at least 3 games in order for it to count. If I somehow win a Continental Cup it will count as winning a Cup.

That's basically it. I'm free to buy players, raid villages for unsuspecting Free Agents etc etc. I'm free to move to any Country within the Tier so I don't need to start at Singapore (the lowest ranked via Reputation) and then go to Gibraltar. 

I am actually going to start Unemployed, Sunday League Footballers Reputation and No Coaching Badges as is standard.

I will be using Instant Result just so I actually have a chance of completing this. 

That's it. I will be cracking on with this as soon as I've passed on the Joint Save to the next unsuspecting victim.

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Tier 1 

Unemployed....and ready to mingle.

So the plan was to load all of Tier 1 leagues straight away...

I downloaded the offical Canada league no problems. I had problems downloading the Gibraltar league. I don't know why. It just wouldn't download the Offical version. So I randomly picked one from the Steam Workshop. Hope its correct and works. Its the only none offical league in this save. 


Luckily there weren't a lot of leagues in Tier 1 so my laptop could comfortably handle it. 

The next thing to do was choose when we started. We had leagues all over the World with different state dates. I did the only logical thing. I started at the very earilest date I could. It would mean that some leagues had a better chance of being picked first compared to others.


We will be starting in 2018!


Something I've learnt doing this sort of thing over the years. Its important to have "Add Players to Playable Teams" ticked. The rest is down to the user preferences.

Hopefully it wont take me too long to reach the promise land of Tier 2 where I'll be able to manage in some huge places such as...Canada and Slovakia.


Here we are. Starting from the bottom of the World.

So irregardless of the starting point I will be doing the sensible thing and blanket applying for every single job that's avaliable. That also includes all the U19 and U21 National Sides.

I suppose I need a rule for Internationals. Does winning an International Trophy count as a Cup win for that Nation. Either way I would only be able to take charge of one of the 8 Countries in whose Tier I'm currently in.

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Tier 1


It didn't take long to get some Interviews.


First up was a flight to Indonesia.



The a quick hop skip and jump to India.

Out those 3 if I got to choose Mirta Kukar would be the better choice.12b426077620e7762099f40ca8616706.png

Oh would you look at that. It's like they heard me.


Ah to be 29 again!


The team was relegated last season and are one of the teams expected to be challenging for promotion this season. Its perfect as it gives us a chance to land a League Title straight away. Although I won't be confident with the Cup aspect!

There are 190 days until our first league fixture. Plenty of time to get this team into shipshape.

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Good idea for a save, makes for logical career progression and gives it nice long term potential if all goes well. Will be following. 

So you're done with Fulham then? 

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2 minutes ago, noikeee said:

Good idea for a save, makes for logical career progression and gives it nice long term potential if all goes well. Will be following. 

So you're done with Fulham then? 

I think so. I've won everything with them and was getting bored of being in the same place. I'm a drifter! Although I'd never say never. I may pop back on my radar at some point in the future.

I wanted a long term save which didn't require me hoping the AI would help me as well :lol: 

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Tier 1


Mitra Kukar

So how does the 3rd Tier of Indonsian Football work?

The league is broken into two Groups. We start with the First Phase. The Top 4 qualify for the Second Phase which is a Round Robin style Group. Top 2 then go into the Semi Final joining the 2 from the other set of teams. Straight knockout from then.

I will only class this as a League Win if I win the lot. Not just one phase or one group but the entire process. Simples. 


As it stands we are 3rd favourite to go straight back up but there is literally half a year before the league starts.


Finances look very healthy. 


With plenty of wiggle room.

My first transfer completely goes against what the club wanted. He's an older gentlemen but honeslty I'm expecting to be here short term so whatever helps me get success straight away! 33 years old LB comes in February.




Not that this matters right now but...boooooo.


So I need to make sure I have some u23's in my squad otherwise it's going to be bad times!

Pre-Season has begun! Only 138 days until the season starts!

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This is a great idea for a save.  Will be following :thup:

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6 minutes ago, Crispypaul said:

This is a great idea for a save.  Will be following :thup:


2 minutes ago, TheLutterworthFox said:

Love this idea @andychargood luck! 

Cheers guys! Looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in!

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Tier 1



I will tell you all now. I regret starting so early. Pre-Season has been so boring! My game so far has consisted of pressing spacebar.

I have so far made 2 signings. A new CM and a new GK the rest have come on a free including an old bag LB.

I need a new WBR. I am waiting for a few scout reports to come through. But other than that its spacebar spacebar spacebar!

Its even to early to organise friendlies otherwise I'll be having a full season worth!


Markus be old. But he be the best keeper we have. He joins us on a free.


I had to pay over the odds for this guy because he's 1) Young and 2) Indonesian. 93k he cost me!


He comes in as our best LB. Let that sink in. He, is our best.


Back up striker comes in on a free. Fingers crossed he can make the difference off the bench.


Got my WBR. 

I've stil got a lot of money left over in both transfer budget and wage budget. I'm not going to be shy spending it. My best bet here is to go up and hopefully move onto a team who is capable of winning the Cup.

With nothing else doing it was time for friendlies.

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Tier 1



Its been a weird save so far. Never had so much time to get things done and felt like I've done absolutely nothing.

At the moment my starting line up looks like this...


Its very average but I reckon its good enough to go up. 

I'm not going to stop looking at ways to improve it however. There is just slim pickings. Its almost like people don't want to play in the 3rd tier of Indonesia.


Ok maybe I'll stop looking at ways to improve :lol:


We are 4th favourites. 3 teams win promotion. The two teams who reach the final and the team who wins the 3rd place playoff. So basically as long as you reach knockout you have 2 chances at promotion.

The 3 teams ahead of me are in the other side of the division meaning there really is no excuse for at least getting to the knockout stage of the league. According to the pre-season odds.

The first friendly was away to a 2nd tier team and we won 3-2 and played well. It either gives me confidence or sets me up nicely for a fall.

I think worst case scenario would be promotion without winning the league. We will have achieved nothing, other than increasing reputation I suppose.


So after 18 years it was finally time to start the season!

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32 minutes ago, andychar said:

I'm not going to stop looking at ways to improve it however. There is just slim pickings. Its almost like people don't want to play in the 3rd tier of Indonesia.

Lies, you did manage to sign Rivaldo.

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Tier 1 


League 2 First Stage West

June 2019

It felt like we were waiting forever but its finally here. The start of the new season. Hopes are worryingly high.


Not a clue what to expect!


It was worth the wait! Good away following as well. I was fully expecting double figures to be honest but we seemed to declare at 4 and looked happy to do so.

Games were going to come thick and fast so fitness could come into it.

Was really hoping the 4-0 wasn't just a flash in the pan...


Good win in a game we dominated. So far so good.

Could we finish the month perfect? The league is only 20 games long so you feel not much room for error.

Our next game is our first real test. Away to a team who won their first game and hasn't played the second yet...


Well its a game we dominated but it took a late penalty to get something out of it. I think we are going to dominate most games so its important we keep the wins coming.

3dbf256d9b4e1c4d7f66fddf2222e936.pngSolid start and it begs the question how is the league sorted?


Surely at this early stage with teams not having played each other really we should be told. Not to worry just yet.

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Tier 1


League 2 East Phase One 

July 2019

Good start. I'm keen for it to continue.


Didn't realise we were the only team in the Country who doesn't begin with P.

We start at home to top of the league. Time to make a statement.


Statement made! We were the far better team. Very happy and relieved. 

Next up we have a team with War in their name not once but twice.


A narrow win but a win nonetheless. Keep them coming.


We scored they just kicked us. Great performance against rivals.

We are taking control of the First Phase. I can't see us not finishing in the Top 4 here and qualifying for the Second Phase.


Let the records tumble!

We go away to 3rd next then home to current 2nd. Potentially a good indicator of how the 2nd phase will go.


Great win, tight game but we took our chances. Great attendance as well. 

Us and 2nd have pulled away a little bit so this could be battle of the Semi.


First disappointment of the career. It wasn't a great game. They nicked it but honestly I don't think either team deserved to win.

It knocks us off top spot! But we can't panic yet.

Games continue to come thick and fast and its 5th place away next.


Not in a million years should we have lost this game. 2 goals disallowed and a complete FMing. The wheels are starting to come off slightly. Suddenly that Top 4 isn't looking as secure.

One more league game this month before the Cup Journey starts.


We are at home. Awesome. Against a non-league team. Awesome. We should be looking at a place in the second round at least.


Didn't take long :lol:

We take on 3rd place next and suddenly it feels like a must win.


Jesus Christ! Would you believe me if I said we were the better team! We are having no luck in the slightest. Can't seem to score for love nor money. We have hit a major rut.

I don't know what's changed but it needs to change back fast otherwise I will be looking at the unemployment line once again.

We have the cup at least next to take our mind off the league. We are 1-33 to win!


Well it was nice to pick up a win!

After a very up and down month the table looks like this...


Half way through and we are where we need to be but I'm not as confident as I was a few games ago!

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Tier 1


League Two East Phase One

August 2019

We need to bounce back and fast. We are already halfway through the first phase.


The downward spiral continues as we blow a 2 goal lead. I'm starting to fear the worst.


Shorter month and honestly we could do with the rest really.

I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.

We go away to 10th next. Fingers crossed the perfect game to stop this horrible run.


Boy did we need this! Good performance but still much more work to go.

Another win would put us in a brilliant position.


Back to back 3-0 wins and life is sunshine and rainbows again!

10 days before the cup game, which we still don't know who we are taking on. 


1 week before we play it we now know the fixture. At home to non-league once again. Could we be looking at a 3rd round place and a potential game against a big boy?


The answer is no. We will be at home once again to another non-league side. Our run to the 4th round is clear and possible. 

It appears all the draws are made so our path to glory will be before us!

Well...all this time I thought we were in the 3rd tier of Indonesian football. Turns out its the 2nd tier! I have no idea how I got that wrong!

The transfer window has open and we have to be quick


It closes soon.

We aren't quite the 1-33 favourite we were in the first round but I'd like to think we have enough to get through.


We do have enough. Into the 3rd Round we go. The dream remains!

The league table looks like this...


We regain that little cushion over 5th place. Top 4 is the aim. I don't know if finishing highs gives an advantage so right now. Top 4, that's all I care about.

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Interesting idea

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Tier 1


League Two East First Stage

September 2019

The Indonesian Cup throws up another surprise to anybody who doesn't know anything about Indonesian football...like myself...


Its 2 legged! Hopefully we can have Top 4 wrapped up this month. We can either face League One or League Two opposition in the 4th Round if we get there.

Nice bit of a gap now between games as we look to rest ahead of a big month.

First up this month is a huge game against the team currently sitting in 4th place. It's going to be a tight finish for all the top 4 places.


Solid point in the end keeping everything close. Thought we did enough to nick it but it wasn't mean to be.

Cup action next. We should getting to the 4th Round.


Surely that's job done. Second leg to come but I can't see us blowing this.

We have a very winnable league game next. The closer we get to the end of the season the closer the league seems to be.


Good win keeps us in control. Hopefully we were hospitable to the away fan.

Cup next. Expecting a big win. 


Its a win but not a big win. Didn't need to be.

We are into the 4th Round and for the first time we face a team from the Top Division. They sit in 11th place. With a home and away leg. We have to fancy our chances.

We are against a local rival next in the league so form goes out the window and anything can happen. Fitness is also becoming an issue.


We should have won really. Luckily I got my excuses in early.

Things continue to be tight in the league.

Next game is massive. We play the team who have just leapfrogged us in the league. 

I made no splashes in the transfer window hoping this side is going to be good enough to go up as Champions.


Second 2-2 in a row and this one came alive in the last 10. Went from delighted to angry to relieved.

3 games to go and not a single team has a playoff place secure.

Next up is the away leg in the 4th round. Would be nice to keep it tight and give us a chance to cause an upset.


More than frustrating because this was an even game. They took their chances and we didn't. You have to think that's that for another season. We are destined for another year in Indonesia at the very least.

Amazingly we can finish this month top. All we need to do is go to Top next and win. Simples.


See. Simples!

The league table looks like this with 2 games to go.


We are top. Our last 2 games are against 3rd and 4th. We aren't home dry just yet.

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Tier 1


League Two East Phase One

October 2019

We want the season to entend. We are close to doing just that. 1 more win will secure it.


We start the month attempting the impossible. Turning around a 2-0 loss against a team in the division above. 


Once again it was an even game but we just didn't take chances. Its made me realise that if we do go up next season will be a long!

Two games to secure progression to Phase 2.


Getting annoyed with dominating games and coming away with nothing. They scored with their 2 shots on target. Hope we beat up the travelling fan.

It means qualification is very much on the line.


Our last game is away to PSIM. A point will be enough. I think we have the head to head over Persik so I think we are actually in the Second Phase. 

Lets make it certain though.


Seriously F*** off.


We limped our way to the Second Phase. We head into with absolutely zero confidence. Well I do anyway.

So it's actually mix and match.


We have been drawn against the team who just destoyed us 5-1 in the most one sided even game of all time. Persibat who finished top of the West and PSGC who finished 2nd. 

I'm going to assume 1st and 2nd get drawn against the opposite 3rd and 4th. 


We finished 4th. All that matters is its a clean slate.

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Tier 1


League Two Second Phase


It couldn't be simplier. 3 games top 2 progress to the knockouts and are 1 win away from Promotion and 2 away from winning the title. I'm also going to assume the higher seeds get the more home games, either that or we have just been unlucky.

Don't know what to expect at all but honestly I'm not expecting anything. We seem to crumble quite easily against the bigger sides. Is 4 points going to be enough? Win the home game and hope to snatch something in 1 of the away games?

We have a mini advantage ahead of our first game. PSGC are still in the Cup so had to play a game during the week. Can we take advantage of potential fitness issues?


So the aim was to steal something away from home. We have done that. 


Very much as you were.

Now would be a good chance just to double check the tiebreakers...


Well that's looking good so far. Its alphabetical after the massive amount of league sorting rules.

Huge game then. Either way we will be in with a shout heading into the final game but I'd prefer to be defending rather than chasing.


Bah that's annoying! We should have won that. No way we should have not win in the slightest!


Outstanding stuff. Win and we are through to the knockouts. Lose or draw and we won't be unless we draw like 5-5.

The entire season comes down to one final game against a team who has beat us 3-0 and 5-1 this season. Great.

Glad I didn't get a job in India, the league season hasn't even started there yet. Although if I remember correctly they get all their cups out the way first.

I think it would be typical of one of my saves to not go through here after drawing all 3 games...


Well that's that. I really hope they go up because I never want to see them ever again.


All because of a last minute equaliser in a game we absolutely dominated. Bore off.


Perfect way to end the season.

The board aren't happy with me and I think I'll be lucky if I keep this job.


I have no idea what to blame!

So they have agreed to keep me on...with a dropped Transfer Budget...


It has actually dropped considerably.

I am glad I've got a second crack at it but I have the feeling its promotion or bust next season.


There we go.

On the plus side...


Records galor.

I'm not in a rush to make signings. I want to see what happens when contracts run out etc. I plan on rebuilding from near enough scratch.

Only thing left to do is round up the Knockout Stages.


Persibat haven't won a single game since the Second Phase started. Now they are a game away from winning the league.


My brand new arch-rivals have 1 more shot of promotion in the 3rd place playoff.


After all of that I've got to play them again next season a minimum of 2 times. Fantastic! It means only 1 team from our division has won promotion so I imagine there will be a few changes!


Persibat finally get exposed as the fraud's they are. Still going up though and we aren't.

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Tier 1



So here is the essential record of failure...


What goes on longer than Covid-19? The Indonesian Off-Season! Strap yourself in its going to be.....long.


Kamal had a great season picking up both Player and Young Player of the Year.

And even more amazingly...


We got a new contract.


We have a youth intake?

You will all be delighted to know the Indian league has started. I was getting worried!

So I think I've gone a bit mental with bringing players in. I have literally no memory of who I've already got planned so I could end up with like 6 new CM and 9 new CB's.

And with that the always exciting off-season concludes.

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Tier 1 



And into the equally long and boring pre-season we go!

I can't wait to see what I've actually done with bringing in Free Agents. I may have some trimming to do. It will not surprise you I've gone for it this season. It's death or glory this season.


Ooooooo drama. It means 12 teams in each Group and it means an extra 2 games in the First Phase.


Reach Final. Well...no pressure. Surely promotion will be good enough!


Another big change. Its not East and West anymore and there was actually a draw. The big new is...no game against PSIM!


As it stands we are 2nd favourite. We have a shed load of players coming in February so lets see where we are then.

We are still 132 days away from the start of the league season...I love Indonesia.


Ok so it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.


Absolutely not surprised he's probably sick of having to pump money into the club.

All that's left to do now is keep spamming space bar and get to the start of the new season!

We have no more transfer budget and sit a nice 2k over wage budget. There will be no more signings.

I am very much make or break. But without sound too harsh. I don't give a crap about the club and if I run it to financial ruin achieving my goals then so be it.

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So what does Pre-Season in Indonesia look like?


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Tier 1


Pre-Season 2020-21

There actually is something we need to keep an eye on...


It won't be a tycoon and I'm a little worried for my job.


3 decent players in the Youth Intake, the rest were awful. 


Well that was straight forward and pain free.

Still a month before the first friendly. My God I just want to start the new season!

I've not managed to get any badges so far as the club has always been in the red. Still think its a massive hole not being able to fund your own.

With that it was time to start friendlies!

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Tier 1


Friendlies 2020-21

I'm ready...for the CPU to take control of the friendlies!


Not sure how that works because I was under the impression you weren't allowed any foreigners at this level. 80-1 yet 6th favourite. Not expecting many goals this season!


16-1 isn't a bad shout. Just outside the favourites.

Looks like PSM are going to be the team to beat, they are in my side of the draw. 


Interesting that last season's Player and Young Player isn't anywhere near the favourites this season. Was last seasona fluke?

We started pre-season as we ended it. A friendly against a team from League Two. The rest were non-league or my own sides!


Couldn't have gone better really. We only conceded 1 goal and that was a 91st minute penalty. Doesn't mean anything thing. Its time to start the league.

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Tier 1 


League Two Group A First Stage

June 2020

We started strong last season, we need the same here otherwise I'm worried for my job.


I don't know if its an easy start. Let's just crack on!

We can only compare to last season's fixture. We didn't play Persewangi at all so this is new ground.


37 shots to 1. We deserved this and its the best possible start.

We didn't play PSM last season as they came down. Good early test a good chance to show what we are capable off...


Big early win! Although we lost Rivaldo for a month so it came at a price. 

Next up is a team we beat twice in pre-season so we all know what's going to happen here...


Oh damn.

Annoyingly its also a rival game so anything can happen!


Sack me. I dare you!

I haven't played the next team before so a clean slate once again. They currently sit 3rd so not going to be an easy gmae. We need to keep this 100% start going as long as possible because I am expecting a horrible patch at some point.


Lets keep this train going! We started like this last season and we all know how it ended so I'm not getting ahead of myself. Not like last season when I thought it would be a walk in the park!

One more game this month.


Brilliant stuff!


Top 4 is obviously the goal here. I'm happy with the 6 point lead over 5th already!

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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

July 2020


If memory serves this is the first time we have managed to pick this up!


Trying not to get ahead of myself just yet. 

Persiwa are 9th hopefully this means we continue 100%.


Another win. We keep the 100% but we lose top spot. Typical.


I mean we aren't the only ones but cool.

Tricky game away to 6th next. PSBS beat us twice last season.


Two late goals and the good times continue. We are on our own at the top now as well!

We just need to remember the goal is Top 4. Nothing else matters.


It's all coming together at the moment. We open a 10 point lead over 5th. That's a nice gap.

Away to 4th next give us another test to overcome.


Tighter than normal but very happy with the win! 

Can we make it a perfect 10? We are at home to 11th...we know where this is going...


Wow that was a close one. That's the difference between this side and last season. We are finding ways to win.

One more game this month in the league and it will see us reach the halfway point. Can we go the first half 100%? We take on 2nd place away from home so its our toughest challenge yet.


The Cup draw has been kind to us against as we are at home to a non-league side.

Both teams go into this league game unbeaten...


And only we remain unbeaten. 100% actually. I don't know if I mentioned that. I have no doubts we are going to be in the Second Phase.

Cup action now. We really should be winning.


Comfortable if not spectacular. Into the second round we go.

The league table looks like this...


Literally couldn't have gone better.


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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

August 2020


It's all looking good at the moment.


Life is good!


The opener this month have played 12 lost 12 in the leauge while we have played 12 won 12....


I was expecting an FMing but this was nice and straightforward.

We are playing PSM away next. On paper it was the hardest game of the season. And we could still be facing them later on so we need to send a message.

The board continue to provide cash injections. I really don't think I have much of a future at the club and are just using them for my own selfish gains.

On paper it was tricky...


And it was in reality it was tricky. No complaints. They were the better team. 

Hoping its just a one off and we can bounce back straight away. Its also a reminder that this First Phase could go perfect but it doesn't mean anything in the Second Phase.

Our route to Cup Glory has been laid out in front of us...


We start at home again to a non-league team again. That should mean a 3rd round place where we will face...


Another non-league team! I think its two legged from there.


The 4th Round is where we fell last season and its the first time we can face a League One side this season. I'm not going to look any further than that.

So enough about the cup it was time to bounce back in the league following our first loss of the season.


Its a win. That's all that matters. I don't care how fancy it is.

Cup action next. We have a nice easy passage to the 4th round. Lets not screw it up. We are 1-33 to win.


We progress safely. Will do nicely.


We play 4th in the league next. Not straightforward.


First draw of the season no complaints. Neither side did enough to win. Good point considering.

If my maths is correct we can secure qualification to Stage Two with a win here.



My maths were bob on. Much better than last season!

It means the table looks like this...


It looks like Top 2 is secure so we should have 3rd and 4th from Group B in the Second Phase and hopefully 2 home games!

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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

September 2020

We start the month with the first leg of the 3rd Round. I think its looking increasing likely we will be playing Division One in the next round.


Its important we don't lose focus. We limped into the Second Stage last season and it showed. We need to head into it with confidence.


All to play for ahead of the first leg.

We go away to 11th next. Should be another win really.


Records smashed after that game.


Very even game and quite a shocking defeat. As a one off its acceptable. Let's just make sure this doesn't turn into nothing more. I wanna finish top 2 and get the "easier" group.


Not quite 9-0 but it will do. Into the 4th Round we go.


A surprise as 11th place Martapura win and we will face them in the next round. We have to be favourites to win over two legs. It would mean a spot in the Quarter Final!

I suppose I better look ahead at who I could potentially be facing. Amazingly its either a League Two or a Non-League side. We have a clear shot at getting to the Semi Final of Cup!

Back to league action next. I'm kean to bounce back. I really don't want to see our form drop despite these matches not really mattering.


Well it took a late goal but I'll take it! Once again we find a way to win.

Lets keep it going with another win in the league.


We weren't the better team who but we came away with the win. It's gone against us so many times I'm not going to grumble.

Cup action next. We could do with taking a lead away with us.


We didn't. We should have done but we didn't. Big blow. This is a golden chance to reach the Quarters.


Another bad result! We seem to have hit the blip. Just before the end of the First Stage.

Second Leg in the Cup next. Please win!


Great win! Into the Quarter Final we go! The dream of Indonesia finishing this season is still alive.


This is an interesting tie. They are top of Group B. This could be a playoff game yet.

The league table looks like this...


Pretty much all done and dusted with 2 games to go on our side.

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Tier 1


Leauge Two Group A First Stage

We finish up the First Stage.


This win bags us Top spot in the Group.

One more game and then its where we fell last season.


Good end to the First Phase. We stop they finishing second.



This is what stands in our way. Surely we have the advantage here!

Once again we have 2 away games and 1 home game. Talk about fairness!

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Tier 1


League Two Group B Second Phase

This is where we fell last time so I'm slightly worried heading into it. 

First up though...


If we get through its another League Two side in the Semi. We aren't going to have a better chance of reaching the final than we do this season.


We take a lead into the Second Leg. Good comeback. 

Opening game in the group and we are away to a team we have played twice already a win and a draw. I'd probably take either here. We lose out keeper with a broken toe. His season is over. 

They are offically listed as favourites...


Well I said I would take a point. They deserved something from this game so I can't really grumble.

A late goal cost us everything in the end last season lets hope that doesn't come back to hurt us.


Next up is the second leg of the quarter final. We have given ourselves a lead. We just need to hold onto it now.

I have the feeling the next 2 games will make or break this season. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous!


Sigh. Just not good enough. Really not good enough when it matters. That seems to be this team in a nutshell. 

It means I'll need another season in Indonesia regardless. 

Must win game next in the Second Phase...


Deja Vu anybody? We have now gone 5 2nd Phase games without a win! Drawing 4 of them! 


It means we need to win the final game away to Persiba Bantul. If we win we are through, unless the other game is a massive draw. This could get messy.

So here it is. What could easily be the last game of my spell here...


Ok. I'm done.

I'm not going to resign but I really can't see myself keeping this job. I really don't wanna be here next season but honestly I'd rather get sacked than give up.


The other result was a draw. A win for me would have been enough to overtake both on goals scored. Absolute joke.

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Tier 1 


Round Up 2020

Well that went about as well as the first season.


We made a bit of progress in each but really not enough.




Once again I have saved my job by agreeing for a drop in wage budget. I basically means I have no way of bringing anybody new in. Its this squad or nothing.

Once again the expectation for next season is Promotion. Can't really complain with that.


Smashed the record but it means nothing really when you break your toe just before the Second Phase.


Kamal once again with an amazing season.

We lost 3 games all season and finished 21 points ahead of PSPS in the First Stage. Yet they are 1 win away from Promotion. Its a very fair system you got there.


Gresik win promotion and have a chance to win the league. PSPS will have another crack at promotion.


Good! Get them out the division. They are in the Cup Final and I'd say they are going to win it.


Not even close. PSIR go up PSPS stay down. Has to be the worst game to lose all season.


No shocks provided for the league winner.

Right I literally can't do a single thing in pre-season. My space bar is going to be destroyed.

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Tier 1



Ok me staying is going to depend what the team looks like once the contracts have finished and people are released. As you can imagine being 6k over wage budget I can't give anybody a new contract.


Even though he had the highest average of anybody Kukar didn't pick up either Player or Young Player of the Season. He did however pick this up which is the first time I've won this on FM20.


I accept the new contract but lets wait and see what happens.


We might need these!

We haven't lost any of our starting XI. I am willing to give them one more season to try and go up!

That being said I've applied for 2 jobs. One in Indonesia and one outside.

The one outside was unsuccessful straight away as the interview process was over. I'm not hopeful of even getting an interview with the Indonesian side. Although I have publically declared my interest.


If it came to the compensation I would be leaving so fast.


Yeah that's what I was worried about.

It isn't over until the club reject me!


Didn't we just do this?


Too high too soon.

I dont want to really annoy the board so I think that will be it for job hunting for now.

Ok maaaaaaybe one more...I haven't publically declared this time.


It's a real kick in the teeth when you can't even get an Interview at an Indian team. Me thinks I'm stuck here and the only way out is promotion.

On the plus side it was time for the epically long pre-season.


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Glad to see it wasn’t just me who had major frustration with Mitra Kukar. Two seasons of promise crushed when we needed it most, although somehow we managed to win the Piala Indonesia in the first season! Good luck with the new season, third time lucky for promotion...

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6 hours ago, treva said:

Glad to see it wasn’t just me who had major frustration with Mitra Kukar. Two seasons of promise crushed when we needed it most, although somehow we managed to win the Piala Indonesia in the first season! Good luck with the new season, third time lucky for promotion...

Last season was so frustrating. Absolutely smashed the first phase and limped out. The team doesn’t handle the big games well!

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Wow, we aren't in London anymore!

Think you have lost your wanderers edge! Usually when I find your new save and have caught up, you have smashed your way through 10 tiny unsuspecting countries! 

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1 hour ago, andychar said:

Last season was so frustrating. Absolutely smashed the first phase and limped out. The team doesn’t handle the big games well!

Exactly the same happened to me. Lost just once in the season and then in phase two just managed 4 points and got knocked out. Such a frustrating league format

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56 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

Wow, we aren't in London anymore!

Think you have lost your wanderers edge! Usually when I find your new save and have caught up, you have smashed your way through 10 tiny unsuspecting countries! 

London has made me soft! The villagers I’ve raided...it’s like they knew I was coming! 

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Tier 1



Well this will be fun. No funds to bring anybody in and absolutely nothing to do.


The Group Stage was drawn.


We are 4th favourites as things stand and 2 of the teams are in our Group. We learnt last season how little the First Stage means as long as you finish in the Top 4.


No more takeover so we can go about our hectic business....


1 very good player from the Youth Intake.

I said it last season but I mean it this season. Its promotion or bust. We really need to win the league.

And well that's it! It was time for the friendlies. The same friendlies we have had the previous 2 seasons!

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Tier 1 


Friendlies 2021-22

Nothing more exciting really just the friendlies.


Here we go again.

I am happy to stay but I'm also looking around. I've applied for 2 jobs...make that 3...make that 4!


Well we have somebody in the list at least!


Easy to see who the team to beat is. 


No way near in this list.


No interview in Malaysia. It was an ambitious application.


Make your mind up!


Perfect in pre-season. We should be getting to the Second Phase really.

We have slipped to 5th in the favourites list. Teams have been getting better around us. We still have a chance at promotion. We need it, need for the club but for my reputation. At this rate I'll risk starting from the very bottom in a new Country.

So with no interviews on the horizon with the 3 jobs I've applied for it will be the start of the new season.

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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

June 2021


Just the two games this month. Don't want to rush it. Not like we have had 3 month off or anything.

We have played Sulut Utd 4 times with 3 wins and a draw. We haven't played Persebaya yet.

How's it going to go? I have absolutely no idea. I don't think we will smash the first stage like we did last season. On paper the starting XI isn't horrible.


It is a win. This season I will take these all day long. 

We play one of the hardest games of the season next. A real test to see how we measure up. Luckily we have a 15 day rest!


We won't be going to Northern Ireland any time soon. We have two more jobs. Both in India.


I'm worried if I get fired I won't get a job anywhere else! Can't even get an interview.


So that's that. Onwards and upwards.

This was going to be an early test...


And we passed with flying colours.

This team is going to break my heart again isn't it.

Very early table looks like this...


Smashing it!

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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

July 2021

July always a monster month and this one is no different.


We got lucky last season in the Cup so can't grumble if the draw goes against us.

PSM at home next, another very early test. If we can win this it will set us up lovely for a straight foward 1st Phase.


This is the beginning of the end I fear. I've accidentally turned this side into a Youth Only challenge!


Great win to start the month! This is where the long stretch of games start so it will be interesting to see what affect fitness will have on us this season.


Another nice big win. No complaints at the moment! This was the Derby game as well.


5 from 5. 15 scored 0 condeded. Couldn't have started better really.

We are back on home soil next looking to make it 6.


We left it late but no doubt we deserved it. 

We go away again to face the other team in Group A unbeaten.

2 unbeaten teams remain in Group B.


Always like setting records!


Talk about leaving it late! Huge goal in a very even game. Great win and it keeps us ticking along nicely!


I mentioned about the Cup luck and its ran out. Away to a League One side. Early exit it seems this season. Might keep players fresher for the league!


Early sending off obviously helped but we smashed them.

Cup game next. We are on a roll could we pull off a shock?


Fantastic performance and into the next round we go! We scored with literally the final kick of the game to force a shootout.

The players are shattered and could do with that 15 day rest!

One more game this month. Can we win it for the perfection to continue? Its a tricky game, espeically after the extra time.


Well 100% is gone but unbeaten remains so I'm happy. 

We need a rest! 

The table looks like this at the end of the month...


Looking good with a 10 point lead. We need to build that lead as much as possible because honestly I'm worried about the finances and a points deduction!

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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

August 2021

Lets keep the momentum going. 


Nice to pick up a few awards, it doesn't happen as much as I'd like.


Another late goal. Nothing spectacular but it will do nicely!


Glad the cup isn't two legged yet!


Incoming loss!


We are ticking along nicely. We went 12 wins in a row to start last season so technically we are behind the curve.


Good job we drew all 3 games in the 2nd Phase last season eh.

Cup draw time. All the way to the final. Once again we have no grumbles if it doesn't go our way.


Well we really have lost all the luck. Away to League One again. We will be lucky if we reach the Two Legged phase of the Cup. I'm not even looking ahead.


Another good win as we reach the half way point unbeaten. Still 2 points worse off than this time last season!

We take on 2nd place at home next. Our unbeaten run hangs in the balance. Its our 1st week rest for a while at least.


Well there it is. The usual big game against a top team and we fold like a lawn chair. Fingers crossed we can bounce back quickly and bag the Top 4 place.

We have to wait however as its Cup time. I'm not confident in the slightest.


That's annoying. We not only gave them a good go but we were the much better team and deserved way more than what we got. Story of this save to be honest.

We need to bounce back ASAP this can't be the start of the end.


And that's the bounce back. Good result and a good finish to the month.


We are 3rd favourite to be sacked next. Erm...ok.

League table looks like this with 8 to go...


The gap is 11. Surely we can't blow it from here. 


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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Stage

September 2021

This should be the month we bag a Top 4 place. Just how soon will be up to us.


We have a few week gaps thanks to the Cup exit. 

We start with Top v Bottom.


Another award in the bag. Rivaldo Ferre has probably been the most consistent player since I took over.

You just get the feeling this board wanted me gone but couldn't justify because of the results. I have a feeling they can't wait to swing the axe!


We start the month in the right way. Ferre celebrating his award with probably another.

21 points up for grabs and we have an 11 point lead over 5th.

Our next game is against 6th place who have been on fire recently. Not an easy game to say the least.


We have been on the good end of a lot of red cards and penalties. Why do I think that's going to come back and bite me!


Its nice but its a drop in the ocean!

We play 2nd at home next. Its a big game so I'd like the team to show me they can win when it matters.

18 points to play for we are 14 points ahead of 5th. So technically we can bag a Second Phase place with a win here.


Another sacking and its not us and once more we are still 3rd favourite. Hanging in there!


Here we go again!


PSM currently sit in 5th and are struggling but I thought I'd apply for it just to see if the worst happens I could get another job. I attented and I'm now favourite to take over. I will not have a decision to make!


So 3 things. 1) It was a great comeback. 2) It was a comeback that shouldn't have been needed. 3) More proof we just can't beat the big teams!

14 points up for grabs 12 points clear of 5th. A win next 100% bags us a place.


Good win and another penalty!


I'm ready to get hurt again!

PSM next who could offer me a job any second. We could really hit the final nail in their chance to get into the Second Phase.

We are 10 points clear of 2nd with 12 to play for. Another win and we bag top spot for the second year in a row.


Another draw against a top team. I really wish we could beat them consistently. Its the draw's that killed us last season.

That being said we have bagged top either way.


Well we didn't get the job either way. Maybe because I did go for it with the full intend. I was standoffish in interviews. Yeah...that's what it is. Honestly.

Us v 4th next. Another game we could class as big. But I think its going to be hard to get the lads up for it.


Another penalty and we find a way to win. 

How do we compared with the rest of the leagues with penalties.


We have had 10 penalties. Scoring 9 of them. He missed in the shootout we won!

Any way the table looks like this with 2 games to go...(well for us anyway)


Glad didn't have a decision to make regarding PSM! Easy does it. There is a team in the other Group unbeaten. Excellent news.


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Tier 1


League Two Group A First Phase

October 2021

Two more First Phase games before we crack on with the disappointment.


No brainer this month.


He was naturally Young Player as well.

I'm obviously aiming to win these two games. We want to head into the Second Phase on the back of the best possible form. Also we are 4 points off the total of points we got last season. I would like to beat it.


Well we can still match it at least.

We have a good record against Mandura.


Here we go again....again!


Well we matched last season at least.


PSM squeeze through. 

Just when I thought I had it figured out...


We have 4th place in ours and 2nd and 3rd in the other Group.

Most importantly...


2 home games!

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Lets crack on with the disappointment! 

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Tier 1


League Two Group A Second Phase

October 2021

We have no excuse this time. We had exactly the same season as last year Points wise. We have 2 home games this season. If we are going to reach the Playoffs, its now!

We start at home against Pererang. We have never played them so we have no idea what we are dealing with.

Please can we make it 7 time lucky...


We are cursed. Flat out cursed. Yes we had to come back from 1-0 down but looking at the stats we shouldn't have been down in the first place! We still have a chance. 

Our next match is away from home and as silly as it sounds...I'd take a point!


As you were their game finished 1-1 as well.

Once again we have never played Badak Lampung, they are top at the moment thanks to alphabetical order. It would be amazing if we got through purely based on the fact our name doesn't begin with P.

A win here would put is in the driving seat. A draw would mean no matter what our destiny would be in our hands and a loss would mean potentially we will need help. The important thing is no matter what we will have a chance heading into the HOME final game.

Red v Green unless you're me then its Lighter Grey vs Darker Grey....


Keep the penalites coming and the icing on the cake was brilliant. The monkey is well and truly off our back!

Important to remember we aren't through yet.


A point is enough however. That or a really really high loss!

PSM at home. Biggest game in 3 seasons. A point would also be enough to see us finish top. Although quite how that helps I'm not sure!


Get in! We went behind and I was expecting the worse. Great come back and it means...


We reach November at the 3rd time of asking.

We are 3 wins away from winning the league.


Don't know. No idea why PSM are ahead. 


Finishing top mean's absolutely nothing as we face the team who won Group B. Same as us 7 points from the 3 games.

Home and Away to see who goes through to the Final or who goes into the one off game to decide promotion.

Just delighted to finally have the chance!

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I was expecting disappointment....

don't disappoint me

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Tier 1


League Two Playoff Semi Final

November 2021

For the first time since I took over we will see football in November. 

We have played PSGC once in the Second Phase in my first year, you'll be surprised to know we drew 0-0. It was away as well. 

First time I've had to look this up...


Away goals do count. So its important in the first leg to A) Score a few and B) Still be in with a shot of winning come the second leg!

We have a 2 week break in between fixtures meaning we will be fighting fit ahead of it.


Well I've picked up my fair share of awards at least.

Remember the winner of this two legged tie will be promoted and go into the Final to see who wins the league. The loser has one more chance of promotion and will face the other loser in a one off 3rd place playoff. I don't fancy that game, must be the hardest place to lose.

My hope is if we win promotion the wage budget will rise and we can at least keep the same starting XI for the top division! It might mean I don't need to leave. EIther that or I've got the reputation to get a job in the top division regardless!

I just hope we have gotten rid of the bottlers tag...only one way to find out........


Late late drama! Just how big could that 95th minute goal be. We take a very nice lead into the second leg and it will take a 3-0 loss to not see us promoted and into the Final!

Absolutely delighted!


Looks like PSM could be waiting in the Final. We have played them 3 times already this season and not lost.

Lets focus on the task at hand though. We aren't through and we have seen our fair share of thrashings. We can't think its done and dusted.


It is indeed PSM in the Final. They win promotion back to the Top Division at the second time of asking.

Heading into our Semi all I can think of is "this would be the ultimate bottle job..."


We didn't bottle it and it wasn't until the "home leg" I realised that both were at a Neutral venue? I don't know how away goals can come into it then?!

Any way it doesn't matter. Promotion is secure but we are 90 minutes from being able to tick the first thing off our list...I'm that excited I'm loading up the spreadsheet!

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18 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

I was expecting disappointment....

don't disappoint me

I am sorry I don't know what has come over us. 

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Tier 1


League Two Playoff Final

November 2021


Just in case you needed reminding.


We have played them 5 times in 2 seasons and only lost the once. This is the first at a neurtral venue. We are 90 minutes away from the title. Either way we are promoted so they won't fire me. I don't see myself staying unless they give me the money to at least keep the players I have.

No matter what Indonesia won't be completed but if we can win then we will have 1 down 15 things to go in order to move on from Tier 1.

Obviously I'm using Instant Result so there will be no milking or fancy build off...its like ripping off a plaster.


Technically we are favourites. It's not going to be easy and could go either way. I sense a penalty shootout.

Ahead of us we found out who will join us in League One next season.


Good to know its the team we beat twice!

Onto us...


Well I wasn't wrong! Penalties and lots of them! To save you from counting we won the shootout 14-13 scoring all 14 of our penalties! In a season where we had a load of them it was fitting that's how we won the title! What an absolute relief!




Now for the all important budgets...



We have the budget to keep players and add. I think there's a good chance I'll be staying!


Just the cup to go in Indonesia!



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