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Marketing/Financial development center

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With the risk of being seen as obsessive (given that many of my posts revolve around this topic), I believe the game lacks depth regarding financial development.
My suggestion would be to add a financial center (similar to the development center) that would:

  • Provide detailed information regarding the team profile in different countries, merchandise sales etc. I've outlined most of my ideas in a previous feature request.
  • Provide more information regarding sponsorships (potentially with suggestions on how to get better deals the following year).
  • New staff roles that help your team's financial development (marketing advisor, sponsorship advisor etc). While such additions might sound weird, Real Madrid even offers a specialized MBA on sports management, so it makes sense to add such roles.

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I'd definitely like to see more depth to the financials, especially around the potential financial benefits signing a particular player may bring. I feel like this is information a manager would have to hand when assessing a signing. 

Certainly, there's plenty of scope for SI in your first two bullet points.

I'm less sure about bringing in roles that are more club centric and maybe wouldn't come in to contact with the manager.

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