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Dont know If anyone else might be having this problem but ive just found something really frustrating. When I load up the english only database OR the english database with other top leagues and I look at the Hearts squad I see Gary Glen one of the best young SCOTTISH players Hearts have developed in years.

Now, when I load the scottish ONLY database and look at Hearts - Gary glen is NOT at Hearts !!!

WHY ? why is a scottish player at his club in other database but not the scottish one ??

I find this really bad I havent noticed other players / clubs this affects but I am sure there must be some.

can Marc of someone please explan this for me ? surely if you load the scottish only database then ALL the scottish players should be loaded ?

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I have this problem with Holland. I selected Holland only, and there's no Eyong Enoh with Ajax. If you select England database, he will be there! Strange... So I had to use the editor to create Eyong Enoh for my game.

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In the game i started with St Johnstone Gary Glen was at Hearts, might be kind of random which youngsters appear. I remember in 08 I signed Andy Driver from Hearts when I played in england and when I played as Hearts he wasn't in the squad.

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