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Young Players: How many games and what age?

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I'm trying to use onl academy players in my current save and I'm running into some challenges.  Some of my players are completely ready for 15-20 starts and subsitute appearances 1st team football a season and I mix them in where I feel like they can succeed.  Usually this works out well, but I have 30-4 players who all have very high potential according to my coaches, but I'm not seeing any attribute improvement despite them getting 15-20 games.  Three players in particular are 18-19 and get decent ratings.  Usually I see significant improvement in their attributes as they play.  These three have been flat.  Are they late bloomers?  Are my coaches who have 17 and 18 JPP ratings off base?


I should say I defalut to double training for all of my 21U players.  These three I've taken them off double and put on normal for now, but that hasn't had an impact either.

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