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The Omen

How does the player search work?!

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I've been playing FM since CM days, so this is not a new player question, but I have found something odd or I have never understood how this works...

Scouting -> Player Search

I have reset all filters and turned off the interested in transfer and loan options. I then search for CB who are transfer listed and it does not return all the transfer listed CBs in the game. I am in the Championship and it is not listing a player that I know is transfer listed in the Premier League and is interested in a loan to my club. I thought this search should have returned everyone? Could I be missing lots of transfer listed players?

Whilst I am posting... I also wish when a player on your shortlist gets transfer listed it would notify you - as any sensible agent would contact the club interested in him surely?!

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Posted (edited)

I would post your Player Search point in the Touch bugs forum, and then add the notification of a listed player in the Touch Feature Request forum.

Both seem fair to me, I'm also in the Championship so I'll try that out today.

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