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Nickname in profile

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(i don't talk about "set nickname" or "common name")


I know that DB has specific field for complete the nickname of the people, but in the game I never saw nicknames being used, either in the profile or news. I think this could be placed next to "fullname" with the player information. There is no need to show it elsewhere or reference it at all.

In Argentina it's very popular to know players by their nicknames rather than their real names. It's a fact: There is no Argentinian player who doesn't have a nickname. We have thousands of players named Rodríguez, García, Fernández, González, Romero, Gómez, Pérez, etc. But only one "Papu" Gómez, one "Chiquito" Romero, one "Pulga" Rodríguez and an endless list.

This isn't a major suggestion but it would be nice if that information was finally used in the game. Attention to detail, right?

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