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A Queer Consistent Problem?

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I play this game so much that sometimes I just space bar through and space out at certain points, especially just before a match starts.  Ask assistant to handle the team's pre match briefing and let's get to match-day.  But upon closer inspection I noticed something queer - without fail, every day before a match I'll get 2 unread news items:

1) Pre-match team briefing

2) [players name here] injured in training

It's uncanny how there is always and I mean ALWAYS an injury in training the day before a match. 95% of the time it's a minor 1-2 day job but there have been multi-month muscle, cruciate ligament dealios.

So is this an anomaly or are other players having this happen?

(I have tried a whole host of different training methods in the day before a game and this makes zero difference)

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Posted (edited)

I always do 3 different match preparation trainings before matches and never noticed any increase in injuries before matches. You could also try resting them before matches if you keep getting injuries.

My training schedule is based on this one but tweaked a little to match my tactical style. Very few rests compared to the default schedules.

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