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AI teams not loaning out young players

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this is an issue I find very annoying.

I noticed that AI teams, especially in some countries like Spain, Germany and France, countries where "B" teams exist, do not loan out their best prospects leaving them to rot in the B teams, even when they are clearly too good to play there. Not only the don't offer them for loan, but they just don't want to loan them at all, even if you make an offer.

What's the point of having a 120/130 CA youngster playing in the 3rd or 4th division? The issue is that they're not good enough to play in the first team either, so they end up spending whole seasons not playing at all, or playing Sunday leagues' games they're clearly too good for. Young prospects should be loaned out to a first/second league team to gain experience instead. I noticed that this works a little better in countries like Italy and England, where there are no B teams, but I've seen questionable choices about this also in these countries.

I would like to see this area improved in the next game.

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Hi @abcdf, thank you for your post and for providing feedback.

This issue is now under review with the dev team.

Thanks again for your post. 

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