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Nahidul Islam

Breaks of play(throw-in,corners etc) ruining highlights?

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It goes without saying that watching match highlights is an essential part of in depth analysis in FM.When you first lay out your tactics and want to see how your tactic is holding up against AI,or if you want to learn about how a role works so you see it in the match engine etc.Watching full match for a short burst or comprehensive highlights are essential for that.


However,watching highlights is really an annoying thing simply because of the BREAKS IN PLAY.Not the breaks between highlights but actual breaks in games of real life football. Throw in:ball goes out and it takes a while to everyone get in shape.When one team is getting succeasive corners it also takes A LOT of time.Every break of play reaults in excruciating boredom and becomes a real hindrance to watch a match on full or comphrehensive.It feels I am spending most of my time watching breaks in play rather than actual match.


I think there should a button or something to skip or speed up the breaks.Like in FIFA or PES (now please don't think of me as those stereotypes who want FIFA/PES-esque graphics in FM ,current graphics is more than adequate for me ).Player should get ready for corners,throw-ins,free kicks more quickly.I think this should be ease of life improvement than anything else.

Anyone has anything to add or share?

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