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[Discussion] Both transfer and contract negotiation screens should display current/existing/previous numbers at the same time

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For example, here we have a typical contract negotiation screen, I used a staff member cause it was more accessible:



First of all - why is the current/previous/existing switch on a dropdown now? It used to be three immediately accessible buttons, it's still like that in transfer offers, someone put effort in to make me click twice as many times in FM2020. Please revert, 90% of my screen is unused there, we don't need to squeeze.

Ideally though, I want to see my previous offer and the existing contract at the same time while I'm negotiating the next offer. There is more than enough space for three columns of numbers here. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that in 99% cases negotiations in FM can be immediately completed by making an offer exactly halfway between yours and theirs. So you have to keep flicking back and forth between those offers, and for your first you'll want to look at their current earnings.

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