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Before posting in the feature request forum, I would like to know if this has ever been discussed and maybe already reached a conclusion since it's not in the game yet.

Thoughts on a headless FM server? Sort of like a no-interface/no-graphics FM server. It would run only a config file (for number of leagues, game settings, etc) and accept connections from other players. This basically means I can create the server on any Internet connected hardware (say a Windows/OSX server in a datacenter or whatever compatible platform) and have it always online. Not that I couldn't do it right now as well, but I was thinking less GPU usage and greater flexibility.

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Isn't this kind of how Stadia works?  Interesting idea

I ran a Network game with 2 of my friends that was always on, so they could pop in whenever they fancied to adjust tactics etc  Is this the type of thing ?

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Stadia has environment for that to be fruitful. Stadia offer you playing game over internet via web browser, so you only need pc that can run browser and monitor with high resolution. Because all processing is on server side. But with all users are connected to same serverfarm, logically it will have not network latency (cmiiw). From what I read you can play games with 720p 60 fps using 10mbps connection. If you have more internet speed and have 4K monitor you can play in 4K resolution too. So the main thing to complete is not the computer, but internet connection to stream the game via web browser. As it can play in chrome browser, then you can play in any device that can run chrome (cmiiw). Cant imagine playing FM 2020 full version in mbile phone

But back to the topic, one of the drawdown in online server is  the game rythm. Because not all the player have the same amount of time. Some players want to be fast in completing a season, some not. And people tend not get connection with the game if he skip the game to much (other players play, so he is force continue and managed by assistant manager). It just like skip for 2 days because of life matters then the season already gone by 2 or even 3 seasons. Let's say if the players start from VNL, the other players already in League 1, you are still in VNL


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