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Transfer budget increased to zero?

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In my Curzon Ashton save, made board request to increase transfer budget and received response that, it had been increased to 0, which is what it was before.


’I am pleased to confirm in writing the board’s agreement to the request you made at our recent board meeting.


We are pleased to confirm that the transfer budget has been increased to £0’


Managing: Curzon Ashton

leagues loaded: all UK leagues (eng, wales, scotland)

in game date: 15/01/20

steps: board request -> transfer budget

located on SD card


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Hi @kaffs, this is an unfortunate string issue, where it should be displaying as:

"We have considered your request to increase the club's transfer budget but the club cannot currently afford to do so".

We'll look into reproducing this within the studio so that we can attempt to make sure that this does display correctly for any future versions - thanks for raising!

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