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I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I always thought it would be good if when you added your previous managers experience, it could also manufacture a playing career for you based on your selection.

It could be an option to do this manually, select the clubs your manager has played for including career apps, and goals or the game could automatically create the career, based on factors such as  place of birth, favourite team(s), nationality and 'past playing experience'

So for example you could have a Dutch manager with International (Global Level) experience, born in Den Haag, Favourite team Ajax.

The game will for example map out your managers career: e.g

ADO - Ajax - Roma - Barcelona - Bayern (Loan) - Inter - Ajax, in game this would increase the chance of the user manager getting a job with these teams or in these countries.

If you have a lower league setting it may just select a number of random lower league teams in the country,


I know it's not a vital feature, or even one everyone will use. I just think it could add some realism and a different aspect to the game,



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I'm glad I searched through the forum, because I was looking to see if this suggestion had been made. I'm currently playing my 5th season as Fulham. Because the game is so immersive, I do many things when I'm at a club. So, I will research the club's city. I will research the club, it's supporters and it's big rivals. I will then look at property in and around the club's stadium and/or training ground. It's as if I am imagining myself actually managing the club and what I would do, where I would live etc if it were real. It's a part of the beauty of the game, for me. But the one thing I've wanted the most, in regards to creating that immersive realism, is to be able to imagine what it'd be like in a wonderful home with family in a city where I manage, and to be able to daydream about the winners medals etc I have in my office. What clubs did I play for? What competitions, if any, did I win? Was I a one-club man?

So, picture this:

I have taken control as Fulham, and can imagine my home, the area I live in and all that kind of thing. I get a job offer from A.C. Milan. On their General screen, listed under the Club Legends, I see my name. I spent half a career at the San Siro, helping the club to the Scudetto, and Champions League glory. I should have a better chance at getting the Milan job as I am revered by the fans and hated by the fans in black and blue. I'm thinking like Guardiola, and how he got his managing start at Barcelona B, then only one year later got his first senior gig as Barcelona manager. Who gets that job that quick? Zidane was Real Madrid Castillla manager for two years before taking the reigns of the senior team. Yes, they probably worked really hard, but any other manager who has that little experience does not walk into those jobs. They did, because they had glittering careers with those clubs and because legends at those clubs. It would be great to have the same thing be able to happen in FM.

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I'm surprised this hasn't been requested more to be honest.

I am a long term save player, and I love taking control of smaller teams and build them - however, sometimes I just like to dive straight into a top flight team and make the decisions I wish the club would make in real life. Manchester United, for example. 

However, I feel a bit daft jumping into a club like Man Utd when my manager has no credentials what so ever. Even the 'news' notices my inexperience. 

One of the big aspects of the game I love, is the backroom staff. Do I go for the best in the role, or do I try to bring an ex-player back? Do I want first hand experience? I'm always looking at a coach's history. It then always bugs me when I look at my history and have none whatsoever - yet here I am, managing one of the top teams in the world. It's a very quick burst of the immersive bubble. How can I justify being able to manage a top club, in my own head? 

We already have the glimmer of hope in the manager creation menu when you select your playing history - but beyond that, nothing. It doesn't add up either when you select international player, but again have no playing history to show. Surely this can be something that could be added to the in-game editor? Especially if you pay for it. 

Just my thoughts. 

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