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English club unable to scout in UK as out of scope

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I have a career as Kidderminster Harriers. Currently in League Two with a positive bank balance of £800,000.

When I try to scout players in the English (and other UK based) leagues it says they fall outside my scouting scope. I'd expect, being a UK based club, that my scouting scope would include the league and country I am in. Is this a bug? Or can the board alter the scouting scope so that all scouting is outside of scope and I need to request it is reinstated?

Can anyone help with this?

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Hi @Deejayjonesy, sorry to hear this - definitely sounds like a bug. Presumably you're several seasons into you save? Can you let us know the year you're in, and whether or not you know whether this has always been an issue (i.e. have you scouted UK based players before in previous seasons?)

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