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Missing Unlockables and other strange behaviour.

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So a few days ago i started to have a problem where my scout would repeatedly scout the same 5 players, over and over, i managed to stop it by taking control, deleting all the assignments and making new ones. 

Much more of an issue for me is that i previously had the 'no loan restrictions' unlockable, but it has vanished from my store. 

I went to loan a wonderkid regen and was very surprised to find i had already loaned too many players!

Iv attached the photos to prove i had it. 

2 grabs, one of my store, the second with my old save game, showing i have lots more players on loan than i could possibly without the no loan restrictions unlockable.  

Please can i have my unlockables back?! 


Stay safe, and Stay Indooors. 


no loans restrict.PNG

old squad with multiple loans.PNG

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