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Spanish League Rules

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I'm a one team for 20 seasons type of manager that likes to start at the bottom of the ladder and get the team moved up. Usually I play in Italy with a random C2 team but this year I've decided to try Spain.

Found a perfect team: Sant Andreu. They're in Barcelona, Have a 15k stadium, decent facilities, good team colors, and a pronounceable name. All the makings of a potential European giant for many years if managed properly for long enough. With the new better regen changes I'm pretty excited to start my save.

Now I have some questions. I know you cant register a non eu player in the 3rd division and can do up to 3 in the first division. You can only assign 25 first team numbers, correct?

One of the reasons I wanted to go with Spain is because African players count as EU and that seems to be the case. So I'm sure I'll be shopping for African gems many seasons to come.

Now I know South Americans take only 2 years to gain a Spanish Passport. Which countries fall under this rule? In preparation I've loaded Brazil and Argentina in full details hoping to cash in on some great regens. Do people just sit their great 18 year old South Americans till they get a passport at 20?

Basically anyone who has played the league many times, what are things I should know and watch out for? Any tips/good strategies to use when using my limited roster spots? Thank you for any advice/help.

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