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Neil Brock

Thanks for all the Feedback

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We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has posted within these forums since the release of FM20. We very much appreciate that people take the time to raise their issues and opinions here and often it can be incredibly useful and insightful.

At this stage of development we're now working on future versions of the match engine and FM, taking evidence provided here to help us with this long term work. Your posts have a huge impact on the direction we’re heading in. We're constantly working on improving and have a roadmap that carries on for many years on how we can go about doing this. The fact the scale of our ambitions for the future requires such a considerable timescale indicates the difficulty and scope of the work ahead.

To change and evolve such detailed and comprehensive code takes time across multiple disciplines. Planning, reviewing, implementing and testing. As part of this we've always found our community extremely important in the process of constant improvement. Alongside our dedicated match team, which includes qualified coaches and ex-professional footballers, you help provide the knowledge and feedback that is constantly reviewed by the development team and helps shape everything you see in game.

We understand from some of the issues raised and feedback seen in this forum that the news of no further match engine changes for FM20 will disappoint some. But looking at sentiment overall and the number of people playing the game, the majority of our players are playing and enjoying FM more than ever before. 

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