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Newbie here:

I finally bought a player and it put my MLS team over the salary cap. I can not proceed because the player can't be registered and I'm in a never ending loop.

How do i get below the cap to move forward?


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Sup man! 

Before I help you, which MLS team did you pick? 

Jk. But seriously ....


Ok for real now. I hope you still have atleast 1.5-2 million of that sweet GAM because you have to use that to buy down salaries. They’re still gonna be paid their contract amount (if you care), it’s just to get the salary cap within the rules. 

So when you’re looking at the registration menu, sort it out by having your highest paid players at the top and lowest at the bottom. 

Now leave your DP players alone and pick players by right clicking, going to contract (I think), and you should see an option that says “Buy Down Salary” or something along those lines. If you have to buy down salaries for your DP’s then go ahead. 


I chose players who were in the 5k-7k per week range cuz multiple players with 5k per week compounds quickly. Save it before you start messing around in case you run out of GAM and are still over the cap. 

Worse comes to worse, find players that you can stand to lose and don’t register them. They’ll be released as Free Agents at the close of the transfer window. 

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I have had problems with various registration issues in the past, they have all been solved by going on holiday for a couple of days, the AI usually sorts out that stuff. Never did the MLS though, so don´t know about that.

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