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Trying to test a theory...

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This is for a team that can run a playmaker type guy who can play AMR/AML/AMC well...


Basically, it's a 43x2... x being the playmaker. I've uploaded three tactics, 43x2 right, left and center.

the back four are pretty defensive, with the fullbacks going forward, but not crazy.

the three mids are like in a traditional central three, with two being attack minded and one is the holding midfielder...

the two strikers are out-and-out attackers.

It's the X that is the key. He's playing a free role that moves from Right to left, as you switch tactics in game. all play runs through him.

I'm trying with Messi in Barcelona, and also with a low league english team to be determined- i've got to find a team with a good enough playmaker first.

I doubt this will work with lesser teams unless they have that ONE guy who's a beast for the division. probably have to loan some youngster from a bigger club.

anyhow- test it out, let me know if it works for you, or any tweaks i need to make. it's probably just a home match tactic...

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