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I'm sure that every Australian that plays Football Manager dreams of the National Premier Leagues being introduced into FM. After a while, the A-League can get pretty boring and repetitive. So why not introduce the Australian tier 2 and 3 into Football Manager. Here are some arguments as to why SI should introduce the National Premier Leagues into FM:

 - It would bring variety into the Australian sphere in FM. In conjunction of playing in the A-League with no promotion/relegation, you may also be able to play in leagues that have promotion/relegation, or in Victoria and NSW circumstance have 3 or 4 leagues that you can choose from to maybe even do a road to glory.

 - It would bring a challenge. In real life, the A-League like to take top performers from the NPL. So if your team is in form and you have a few standout players, be prepared to lose them as the A-League clubs will be keeping a close eye on them.

 - Players won't get bored. By having NPL in FM, Australian players won't get bored as there would be 8 different top NPL leagues to chose from. Once you've accomplished one you can move onto another. Also, FM players outside Australia could be wanting to try something new and unknown, the NPL would be perfect for this.

Please feel free to leave to reply to this thread as it will help to get this noticed and hopefully help put Australia on the map for football. 

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I think this is an excellent idea, in the same way I think it's a great idea to introduce the USL leagues into the American football pyramid. Because MLS and the A League run leagues where teams are licensed franchises and there is no promotion/relegation, I think this would make it much more interesting.

Also, an add on to your original suggestion; for when you are further on in the game, the ability to see expansion teams in these leagues, I believe, would be really well received. I created a club based in San Francisco, and when I swapped them with a team playing in the Western Conference, they were put in that conference in the game. However, all the other teams were mixed up (i.e. both New York teams playing in the Western Conference, and LAFC playing in the Eastern Conference). All this hassle to add a team from San Francisco. So yeah, I would love to see these leagues have the ability to expand. Maybe take another team from Queensland's Sunshine or Gold Coast. Maybe a franchise from the Perth area, Fremantle perhaps? And for me, a Tasmania based team would be brilliant. To be fair, I can understand it may be difficult to implement, but it would still be very fun indeed, and maybe more people will play in these leagues. Oh, before I forget... the option for the human player to name the teams would be incredible. And probably ideal. We don't want teams like New York Flash or the California Surf or something silly!

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