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Player agrees to price I need to accept to leave, says I failed by denying lower bids

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I have a player who wants me to accept a bid from a much larger club in a larger league. I denied it, but he wanted to talk. I agreed that I would accept a transfer bid of $19 million US. No bids came, and at the end of the transfer window, the player arbitrarily decided to extend my promise to the next transfer window in January. I had no choice in this.

Come January, two bids come in. $7.5 million and $8.25 million. Obviously, I tell them both it's $19 million or nothing. They cancel the bids. Now I'm left with a player who says I broke my promise.

Two things:

1. My promise was for the summer transfer window. If a player wants to extend MY promise, I should have a say in it.

2. I didn't break my promise! If club don't bid for the agreed amount, I should be fully within my rights to ask for the full amount. If the clubs pull out, not my problem.


Unfortunately, it is my problem. I now have a player acting worse than my 4-year-old, and morale in the squad has tanked. All because a player is unable to understand how a calendar works or do simple math.

Is this how it works? Players agree to something only to move the goalposts as it suits them?

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Unfortunately, I don't as it was a few days ago. If it happens again, which I hope it doesn't, I'll upload here.


Thanks for the reply though!

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