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Game not continuing and stuck on loading page after pressing space?

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I'm stuck on this screen and the wheel is spinning so it appears to be loading, although its been like this for 20 minutes. My laptops fan is going 100% as well so something is definitely processing on it.

Is there any way to rescue my game file or quit this screen? Looks like the only way out of this is quitting and I've played half a season defying all odds without saving. The browse button also isn't clickable for me

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 22.12.34.png

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2 hours ago, FrazT said:

That screenshot looks like the game has loaded and has stuck while processing?

Yeah the wheel was still spinning, my laptops fan was going full speed too, never heard it so loud before. Other apps such as Chrome were all running slowly so something was defo processing, was stuck there for about 30 minutes though.

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