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Failing club vision ?

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@Christopher Lewis It is not often that I have been astonished by a news item but screenshot 1 has managed it this time.  The board have just come to me and offered a new contract due to my continued success and were absolutely delighted when I accepted.  No issues there.

The board then have come to me the day before the Champions League final and expressed their extreme disappointment about my inability to develop the best youth system in the country! ( screenshot 1) Apart from the ridiculous timing I would make the following points.

I play with an edited database and have won, I think, every competition that the team has played in in 3 seasons.  My under 18's ( the critical team in this criticism ) made the 2nd knockout round of the under 19s CL in season 2020, made the final in season 2021 and won the competition in season 2022.  The second screenshot shows a summary of the current squad.

I also direct your attention to the following thread where I bemoaned the dreadful youth intake that the game was giving me in season 1 and 2 where so many of the youths have insufficient potential ( not necessarily ability ) to make it to close the SPL


Season 3's intake again had 9 out of the 16 with a PA of less than 100 and maybe 2 who could make it.  Currently I have 7 home grown at the club youngsters in the 22 man first team squad, so it is hard to see how I am not developing the youth!

How is the game code making this judgement and what am I, as manager, supposed to do to rectify it?

Screenshots FrazT- Gers2(1) and (2) and save game FrazT- Gers3(v02) uploaded from just before the CL final.


FrazT-Gers2 (1).png

FrazT-Gers2 (2).png

FrazT-Gers3 (v02).fm

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