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‘Make Offer’ button missing

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I’m probably being dim, but is there a reason that some players come without a Make Offer button (he asked, realising too late and alarmed)? I was going to attach screenshots but can’t work out how. Basically, the row of options along the bottom is missing Make Offer - it just has the other four buttons (scout etc).

They aren’t about to move clubs, or on loan, or uninterested. One player may scouting report said he’s not for sale, but the second player seems to present no such issues. I thought maybe I’d pissed off the clubs by making an earlier enquiry, not that I remember doing that, but I tested that by doing the same thing with a third player and the Make Offer button was still there, even if I couldn’t then make one after clicking on it.

Any ideas?

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Hi there,

Could you send us the save you are having this issue on?

Here is information on sending us a save (helps if you rename the save so we know who it is from!):


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