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EURO cup Qualification question

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Wondering if anyone can advise me. Finished 6th in the premier league 23/24 season however despite email saying i'd qualified for the Euro cup at the end of the season, I have not been entered in the following season. 8th place in 23/24 season have however achieved Euro cup qualification, despite them neither winning the FA or league cup that year. 8th place  also didn't finish runner up in either the league or FA cup.


Overview of league positions and qualifications: League winners qualified for champions cup, as did 2nd and 3rd place. 4th Place were entered into Euro cup as 5th place won the champions cup and leapfrogged them into European champions cup. 6th place missed out. 7th place qualified for European champions cup because they won the Euro cup in previous year. 8th place then also qualified for Euro cup with no credentials other than finishing 8th. 

Does anyone know how this might have happened? Can't seem to find any other similar scenarios. 


Thank youTable.thumb.PNG.180c3ae47cdf0ed3d876a4cfbc8ec95c.PNG

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