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Hi everyone. I play with more friends, We ve already done online draft and online save. The thing is that They seem to have no problem with lag but I have. Everytime we start a new career online, I can't click to look to the team squad or it freezes and I have to reopen Football Manager. Every in-game day that passes, it takes like 20seconds more for me to appear and every1 plays fine. Even with the ethernet cable on it continues the same. I've tested the internet, it said 120mb/s download  10 mb/s upload and ping was between 15 and 20. Downloading games reached 15mb/s. The speed remains the same with programs like Discord or TA opened, but instantly after I open Football Manager the internet download speed goes down from 120 to 9mb/s, upload goes down from 10 to 1mb/s and the ping gets higher for like 30ms. I even tried to Download something but Everytime I open Football Manager it passes from 14 or 15mb download to 1 or less. Can someone help?Thanks! 

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