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Evolution of player roles in the game.

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It is quite notable that we have about 4 new player roles in the actual game that could need introducing in FM. 


1. The auxiliary Centre back - a full back who is not just defensively minded but who joins the centre backs to form a back 3 for the sake of build up play especially in the consolidation of it and for protection against the counter attack in the defensive transition especially against fast strikers. Kyle Walker is a prime example of this.


2. The Libero who actually is a CDM. A defender who steps not just above the defence but performs literally in the DM strata of the game during build up and sustained attacks and then operates there in the first 6 seconds of the defensive transition. Fernandinho does this for Ciyy. 


3. A Mezzala who actually is the option for width in the team. Such as Jordan Henderson. With TAA establishing himself as a primary creative force in the side, it is better suited having him in the centre and half spaces both for chance creation and insulation against the counter attack due to shorter distances for full back recoveries. Henderson's movement frees TAA to have time to pick his cross, Salah to make the vertical run for the finish (or at least create a diversion), to create wing overloads and opposition disorganization due to the vertically diagonal movement of the 3 aforementioned players thus opening the centre for the key strategic purpose ie scoring a goal. The current mezzala does not go as wide especially in the presence of two wide players. Which begs the question... Can we have De Bryunesque crosses from the half spaces and deeper as TAA is now custom to attempting? More evolution... 


4. An Inside Forward who can actually sit narrow but inside the full back in the half space not outside him on his shoulder. Much like the wide Advanced Playmaker but now for verticality and penetration rather than chance creation and spatial occupation. Salah and Mane style... 



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