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Moments Where You Felt Like An Actual FM

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What are those moments either on or off the pitch where you felt like you did something worthy of being called a football manager? 

Mine was in the second leg of the knockout rounds in the CL. Our first leg was on the road at Chelsea where we lost 1-0. I was frustrated with the loss because we were dominating the league with a 9 point difference at the time. I was determined to not lose at home seeing as we went out last season in the quarter finals. The week of the second leg, I reviewed our previous match. I looked at my starting XI, my formation, my roles and duties, what we did wrong, and what we could’ve done better and jotted then down in my little notebook. 

After a while of going over my notes, I made my preparations based off them and won 3-0 in the second leg. I even gave opposition instructions, something that I’ve read to be heavily avoided but I kept it to 3 key players max. It felt real good to have prepare that much going into the match and be rewarded with the victory. Now we face Atletico Madrid in the quarters! 

So what are your guy’s moments and stories?

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