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Stay Wider PI not working for AMCL/CR. They stay narrower instead.

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When I tick the Stay Wider option for my AMCL or AMCR, it does not work as intended. The opposite happens, they stay narrower. From the screenshots below you can see that my Attacking Midfielders' positions are wider when I unticked the Stay Wider option for the second half. I noticed this also happens in the STCL/STCR positions.

Average position with the ball.
First picture: stay wider ticked | Second: stay wider unticked




First picture: stay wider ticket | Second: stay wider unticked


If it makes any difference for debugging, in this match I also used the Stay Wider TI (I played as Betis), but the above mentioned bug can be reproduced with any team width.

Pkm: Real San Sebastián v Real Hispalis.pkm

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Thanks for sending this in.

Unsure why this is happening for you.

We will send this over to our devs for them to inspect.

Shouldn't be too hard of a fix.



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