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Database Size/Speed questions

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I want to know if anyone can tell me from experience whether ticking all (300k plus) Database or 150k  ish, is there much difference in game speed?


Im being lazy not checking myself but I want the best experience with a still relatively quickish processing time.


Also whether you need to add all the leagues when you have all 300k players loaded or would it be ok just to pick sayt just one league that  you start in if you dont plan to move clubs. Would all the players be in game or would you need to add more leagues to get them all?


Thanks in advance guys!

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Personally I would advise against that size of database, but the honest answer is that how fast "fast" is for you is hard to tell and there are lots of variables.

With your processor you'd be at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of choice but if you want to keep it relatively quick and wanted to be say a top team i'd run maybe top 2 divisions from the whole of Europe plus Brazil, Argentina & China (maybe one more division for bigger nations, 1 less for smaller nations) with a small database but I wouldn't add anymore players as you'd saturate the market and in my experience it makes it difficult to sell players.

its also worth noting that inactive leagues are a lot less active in the transfer market so adding all players with just one active nation wouldn't add more realism which i'm guessing is your goal here

The only time I would add extra players is if i was using the level 10/11 expansion pack for England for example then I would definitely be adding all English players

Like I say though so many variables, even the length of time you intend to play for would have a massive impact.  If you loaded all players in the database you'd find it really slow after a few seasons even with your latest gen processor 

Your best bet is to outline exactly what kind of career you intend to have and at what type of level and people can advise you from there

Just my thoughts, no doubt others will think much differently

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