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Add new feature please in ‘create a player’ mode

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Hi there,

I quite often play the ‘create a club’ mode on FM Touch 2020 (iOS version). 
 Due to the three nation limit, there are times where certain players that I wish to have in my game aren’t viewable. As I invariably play lower leagues, the players are not in the top 2,500 so don’t appear. Some of the players I want are spread out over about 5/6 nations.

Is there scope to look into the create a player mode. Where instead of having a regen face, that often looks ridiculous, where you can either attach a real player pic (like you do when you select a badge for your created team from your photo library), or show the newly created unique ID number, so that you can add the player photo via iTunes (graphics / pics file share process). 
Or create the face or the player, similar to as you do for the model of the manager. 

I am sure that it wouldn’t be too complicated to do. Perhaps even worse case scenario, have the ability to just have a silhouette instead?

I would he interested to hear any or the design teams thoughts.



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