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No Team of the Year

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Reposted from the Leagues forum. I am currently playing in N Ireland on a game started on full release.

- State what you think is specifically wrong in your league: There doesn't seem to be a Team of the Year award at the end of the season. The Manager, Player and Young Player individual awards get given out as expected but I have never seen a News item for Team of the Year. As there is a Team of the Week award and a handful of my players have contract bonuses tied to being in the Team of the Year, I would expect this to be awarded every season.

I fully accept I could have missed the news item, or not have it triggered due to none of my players being in this team, but as I am by far the biggest team in the country and won the league at a canter last season especially I would expect at least a couple of players in there.

I have looked through the league Awards tab, and there is no option there for Team of the Year alongside the other annual awards, which further leads me to believe that this should be getting awarded somewhere down the line but isn't.

- State how you think it should be working: As above, there is a Team of the Week award and Manager and Player of the Year awards and active contract clauses for Team of the Year, so I would expect the Team of the Year to be a thing.

- State reasons/proof for your corrections/improvements: Again, as above. Team of the Year is definitely a thing in real life as seen in 2019 and 2018 to name but two.


If I am being moronic and missing the point/news item/menu where I can see this, please do let me know but I did have a look around last night and could see no sign.

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Thank you for the update and clarification.

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