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Larne FC (N. Ireland) £9 million sponsorship deal , £89.000 p/w wage budget

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I was encouraged to upload this as a potential bug.

Larne FC is having a sponsorship deal that would put them in the top half of the English Championship and a wage budget far beyond what any of the other big clubs in N. Ireland can offer.

I've attached screenshots of the above mentioned issues in this post and uploaded the savegame to SI Cloud Service named Larnefcsponsorship.fm



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Hi @Hrafnsmerki

Thanks for your post. Larne FC are owned by multi-millionaire Kenny Bruce in real life, who uses his own business to pump money into the club via lucrative sponsorship deals.

Modelling this kind of behaviour in-game is difficult to get perfect, so whilst these big deals existing isn't a bug itself, the long term prospects of Larne are always worth monitoring so let us know if you do find anything else that looks unrealistic or plain wrong :) 

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