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Button issues! (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019)

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Hi guys

Not sure if this is related to other issues (I've seen a lot of other complaints on functions in regards to Samsung Galaxy Tab A's!)

For me, most of the buttons work, but particularly anything in the bottom of the screen are incredibly difficult to press - For example below, the Suggest Terms, Walk Away etc buttons in player contract negotiation do not work. I was sat on the train this morning hammering away at these buttons to no avail!! :(

Also, match games are super slow to complete (even with all settings set to fastest and no highlights)


Quite annoying considering I spent £20 on this game!


Look forward to hearing from you.

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On 29/02/2020 at 11:38, Abdulgafar abdulrasheed said:

Yea am also experiencing the same issue

Makes the game basically unplayable!

Any updates guys?

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Hi All,

Sorry you are having an issue with this, this is under review and currently has a thread (link below) already so I will be closing this to keep everything in one place.

Our suggestion for now is to try and not background the app or lock the device with the game open. Play through and when you are done save the game and close the app completely.

I appreciate that this isn't ideal but this is the work-a-round for now.



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