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Ridiculously high transfer/wage budgets in second season

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Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

 I've played a couple of saves now, one in Chile (Universidad Catolica) and one in Hong Kong (Eastern). I really enjoyed the first season on both saves, I had to manage my financials while putting together good teams, and managed to win the league on both saves. Fast forward to the start of the second season, Universidad Catolica has TRIPLED the wage budget, and Eastern has doubled it! Both teams have way over double the wage budget of the next richest teams. This doesn't make any sense to me, and makes the game much less rewarding, as I feel there's no way I can't NOT win the league now. Also, the Eastern board only expects me to finish top half?? At least UdeC expects me to win... Also all my work cutting costs and overpaid players in the first season seems pointless.

Both teams have a lot of cash but Eastern (3 million balance) is already projected to lose about one million dollars per season, if I use the whole wage budget they would lose TWO. This could easily put us in an awful spot financially.

Universidad Catolica is expected to break even, or profit a little. They would lose 650k per MONTH if I used my full wage budget. Last year we managed to profit one million USD, but that's after I cut a couple of expensive players and also made it to the quarter final of the Copa Libertadores.

I had the same issue on FM19 with Envigado in Colombia. The first couple of seasons were extremely challenging, frustrating and rewarding, just how I want it to be. But as soon as I won the league, the board went insane and gave me a gigantic budget. I could choose to ignore the budget, but then the board will praise me for my "amazing" control of the budget, which also feels wrong. Especially considering even the top teams in Colombia in real life are trying to cut costs. I just stopped playing then.
Is it supposed to be like this? Or are just some owners way too nice/dumb? I feel this makes the game way too easy. 


EDIT: I would like to mention how I think this is the best FM yet, I'm just having a hard time finding an enjoyable long-term save ;)

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Hi @m.braathen

Thanks for raising this, it's definitely something we can look into.

Do you happen to have a save game from just before these high budgets get set that you could upload for us?


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