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Positioning on attacking throw-ins.

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The positioning on attacking throw-ins, especially those near the corner flag, is not making any sense.

My instruction:


What I get:



Happens on every throw-in, but example is from 89:37.


The result is that a lot of the throw-ins turn into a headed duel, far from what I would want. Instructions are shorter passing, work into box etc. A possession-oriented style. As I wouldn't want to limit options on throw-ins, there are no specific instructions other than the placement of players. But the ones designated to offer short options are far away, and grouped up with the "lurk near post" option.

Man Utd v Southampton pressing and throw-ins.pkm

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22 hours ago, Jemal Wiseman said:

Very strange positioning!

Thanks for sending this in.

We will review this internally.


This is normal, it's almost impossible to get your players to follow instructions that are so vague. Because you cannot differentiate where the throw should be taken and how with only option,

Defensive throws are totally different from offensive one's but this is not reflected in the game.

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