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Just started a game with Dinamo and as I have  Dani Olmo and Lovro Majer Im looking for a tactic that would incorporate at least 1 of them or even both

Thanks for you help.

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I have analyzed the current Dinamo Zagreb squad here. If you are looking for a normal and sensible tactic, here is what I would suggest as a good starting point for this Dinamo team:

Roles and duties:


IFsu                                    Wsu

CAR     MEZat


FBat     CDde    CDco    FBsu


Players and player instructions:

GK/SKde - Livakovic

DL/FBat - Moubandje / Leovac

DR/FBsu - Stojanovic - sit narrower

DCL/CDde - Leskovic

DCR/CDco - Theophile-Catherine

DM/Ade - Ademi

MCL/CAR - Moro (Gojak/Ivanusec)

MCR/MEZat - Olmo (Ivanusec/Majer) - dribble more, close down more

AML/IFsu - Orsic / Hajrovic / Situm / Atiemwen - sit narrower

AMR/Wsu - Kadzior / Hajrovic / Situm

STC/DLFat - Petkovic (Gavranovic) - roam from position, close down more

Team instructions:

Mentality - Positive

In possession - play out of defence and shorter passing

In transition - no instructions

Out of possession - higher D-line and standard LOE

NOTE: This is the type of tactic I would probably use as a basic one for this Dinamo team (in their national league). It is not a plug'n'play, so small occasional tweaks will likely be needed in certain situations. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :thup:


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